I Have Made A Acid-Base Indicator And Did Experiment With It

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Hello, friends! How are you? Hope you are well by the grace of Almighty. Today I have made acid-base indicator by using yellow and did a experiment with it.

Used materials


  • Powder Yellow
  • Pieces of Page
  • Water
  • Forcep
  • Bowl x3
  • Liquid Soap (For Experiment)
  • Lemon (For Experiment)

Process of making

At first I have taken some yellow powder in a bowl. Then I have mixed water on it.

Then I have soaked two pieces papers in yellow one bye one with forcep and made dry those papers. I soaked two pieces of paper beacause if one paper was spoiled, I might use another.

After completing make acid-base indicator by using yellow.


I have taken some liquid soap in a bowl. We know that soap is on kind of base. I have soaked a yellow paper on the bowl.

Then yellow paper turned into pink.

Then I have taken lemon juice in a bowl. We know that lemon juice contains acid.

Then I have soaked the pink paper in the lemon juice.

Then it turned into yellow again.

Base make yellow acid-base indicator into pink and Acid make pink acid-base indicator into yellow.

This kind of acid-base indicator was discovered many years ago. I haven't made this first.


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