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RE: The crown affair

in The LIFESTYLE LOUNGE • 10 months ago

OMG, this is the first thing I am reading this morning (7:30 a.m.) a crown thing, ok, let's see what's this...

Wait, is he talking about dentist? 😂

I don't have so interesting experience within the topic... The normal I would say, I go when I have to 🤐
My son is going about twice a month as he wears braces..two years now 🤦🏻‍♀️ so I don't know if the dentist already managed to buy the Mercedes or we have to pay a bit more for a few months 💶💰


Lol...Well I think in the case of your son his dentist got the Mercedes and then realised he's charging so much for your son's braces that he can buy a second, and a few jet skis and a speed boat. So, yeah...Good to be him I guess. :)

Thanks for commenting. :)


It explains now the situation 💡...when I called for the appointment and he said he would be away for a few 🤷


Exactly...He was on his way to trade in this little dinghy for a new and bigger one...Paid for by your sons braces! 😂

Bloody dentists!

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