Dark Matters

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I've always been interested in the existence of dark matters. You might think, "You're white. This has nothing to do with you." But dark matter actually exists throughout the universe regardless of hue.

Dark matter is not classified by color but by velocity it is considered cold or hot or warm. That is "Hot" matter.

The theory goes back to the 1800s when Lord Kelvin was tinkering with stars and measurements in the Milky way.



By the 1930s some dude named Zwicky caught a killer wave and discovered that it was not gravity that was holding us back.

Since then telescopes and particle colliders became the new tinker toys. A cosmological constant was discovered. And as long as something is there then it has energy density whether it is big or small. "Dark matter" is all the stuff in the universe that's out there even though it's not visible.

As you can see I'm not into math as much as some people are, but I like the theory.

In conclusion:

Dark Matters even if it seems invisible



This kind of article will drive me wanting to dig further. I've always been looking out at the night sky and think is that something that suck away the light? Light traveling at certain speed, but the distance slowing them down or stopping them from reaching us. Which means, are we looking at a dead star that no longer exist? May be it was blown up to dust for God knows quintillion light years ago? We're only looking at the history of a light reflecting from our telescope?

These things always make me sit there for hours thinking.... Hmmm

Right. For all we know the universe is already over and we are shouting "black lives matter"

Thanksgiving for every breath we have in this rented space is essential for our being.