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RE: Logitech K740 Illuminated Keyboard Review

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I am ot fond of the keyboard I have on my laptop.... I am still not used to it and whenever I click something on its left side, my text disappears, Lol!


Ouch, a possessed keyboard! There is nothing more annoying than that! I'm always checking the keyboards and trackpads out on the computers that I get. After all, it is the thing that you interact with most often!

The problem is I know nothing about that as I have two left hands and I am not an IT person. Just today I have connected a printer to the Laptop of my husband, I was damning it yesterday because it did not function. I had to chat with the service guys from Epson. Nothing came out of it because time was short. Who would know about those SSID codes and all about routers...Lolololol, not me! And today, I deleted their software and re installed....and voila, the scanning functioned. Hahahaha. pure luck!