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RE: Café questioning: A blockchain conundrum; Your help required

Tha lack of focus on the spocial aspects can be infuriating. I sometimes think that people forget that while there are proposals and ideas out there to turn us into just another fucking nonsense crypto project the USP that we have (ok, not so USP now) is that we are a social blockchain. Why would anyone bother joining if the social parts of it look fucked up.

And the comment fix, is a fuck up that people will see and say. Fuck that Hive place, there's no one on it.

And that breakfast man, the breakfast of champions!


I needed the breakfast, which was actually my lunch, to assuage the disappointment I was feeling over the moment counter.

Don't worry bro, you get your Scottish ass down here and I'll take you to all my cafe haunts...My shout.

You're right though, a social network needs to provide the ability to be social, and look like it's active.