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RE: The crown affair

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I have to go and get something taken care of. Bits started breaking off a few years ago. It hurt for a while, so I went to the dentist looking to get it pulled, but he didn't recommend it, and put a temporary filling in instead.
That lasted for 18 months, then fell apart and new chunks have been falling off pretty steadily since. Now it's all sheared off down to the gum line.
I was hoping the gum would close over it, but I have this 50:50 wasteland at the moment.
He did an X-ray last time, and said the relevant root is scraping up against the underside of my right eyeball; so there's a lot there to pull if that's what we end up doing. Happily it's right off to the side, so if it stays a gap, it's not obvious.


Ugh! I had a tooth pulled a couple years ago. It was a massive filling, right up the back left, and had sheered the tooth off. She went at it for 45 minutes and couldn't budge it. Stuck a rag in there to stop the blood and sent me walking across Hutt Street to the dental surgeon who had it out in ten minutes...Some of the worst minutes I've ever experienced. It was not pleasant at all.

I'd say avoid the removal at all costs but to be honest if it has to be done it's best it's done sooner than later. Good luck with it mate...Hopefully they don't have to use the cock-camera, that'll just add insult to injury. 😆

Cock-camera? You sure you're going to a licensed dentist?

I hope so...They took my health insurance card so I guess they must be legit.