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RE: The first time Saturday

Reading about your Hivefest experience made me smile. It is what I had expected mine to be like.

Mine was horrible...

I was never able to retrieve my badge, teleport, or interact with others. Strange tho, that it works well in any other forum/room other than the Hivefest.

I like the idea of the monthly gathering thing. Keep me in the loop on that.

A few screenshots of my glitchy, laggy, and frustrating Hivefest experience.



Yeah man, I saw you in the Main Stage area today but you you were MIA. Well, you were there, but not there. I lined up for a big kick in the balls on you but decided to give you a bro-hug instead (despite having no fucking arms).

It's a shame your experience was so bad, but to be honest I think many had issues also. I'm glad it worked for me and I had a reasonable time despite initially feeling a little odd about it all. I'm sure plans will get laid in respect of some sort of catch up in someone's home space or whatever and you'll hear about it.