Musings on our solar system – we live among giants

As an amateur astronomer and lover of the celestial arts and sciences, I like to observe the solar system and its dance of the spheres as they circle their way in a merry parade around the central giant of the Sun. Before the time of the telescope we were in blissful ignorance of our position in the heavens, but since Galileo and his peers (since he was not alone in inventing the telescope) we have developed a clearer and clearer picture of what is going on in the solar system, and thus have gained tremendous self-awareness as a result.
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It’s not just to plot the planets that we look to the night skies, but also to know ourselves. We now know that the Sun is the center of our lives and that we all are under its gravitational influence, as well as subject to its solar winds or radiation. We also know our position now, not as the center of it all but as a mere player among some much bigger and more powerful as well as some smaller and insignificant by comparison. But we are all part of one solar system and all the planets are interrelated.

By knowing the mathematical and scientific position of our earth among the other planets in our system, we can get a better understanding of our place as well as why we experience certain things. For example, when the sun emits radiation, or lets off a solar flare, if it’s directed toward us, the whole earth gets hit by it and not only does it disrupt radio or other waves that we use, but it also affects our very psyches. We can be subtly affected to the degree that our moods may be swayed. This is because we are all electro-magnetic beings and the radiation affects our frequency too. We resonate with the earth and the earth’s resonance is affected by the solar winds and flares.

So knowing the details of the planetary movements can really help us to know ourselves, and shed some light, pun intended, on our mysterious existence. The Moon of course, also affects our earth with its gravity, as we see in the ocean tides. But it also affects our minds and moods too, particularly because we are also – as human beings – made up of 70% water. So the water in our bodies and brains is also affected by the gravity of the Moon, in relation to the Sun. It’s subtle but nevertheless it is a constant influence.

Now we may not be so aware of it or may not even comprehend the concept, but all the planets have some gravity and they all have a ripple effect on our existence in the solar system, for better or worse. There is no denying that while being really far away, even the planets Jupiter and Saturn, may have some gravitational influence, particularly when closer to earth, like today. Jupiter is directly in opposition to the Sun this week, with us on earth in between them. As a result we are being affected by the pull of gravity from opposing sides. It happens annually as the Sun reaches the position opposite Jupiter in the heavens, and it’s a geometric alignment, purely mathematically observed. It is also the time when Jupiter is at its closest position to the earth, called perigee. The opposite is called apogee, when Jupiter or any planet is furthest from earth in the annual cycle.

In a literal sense, the gravitational pull may potentially cause some effects on the earth’s crust. Remember that although far away, Jupiter is seriously massive and so has quite a gravitational pull. And of course the Sun even more so. Thus with the two in opposition pulling at us from opposing sides, we may just feel a little stretched out, and cracks may occur. It’s just a theory and we can leave it as such, while observing the situation to see if there is any correlation between the position of the heavenly bodies and any affects here on earth.

Now in 2024, which is still some time away, we will have an even more interesting planetary alignment occurring. Because the planets all rotate in such perfectly predictable patterns, we can predict exactly where they will all be for aeons to come. And every few hundred years or so, we may have a particularly unique alignment that may be of interest. The event in 2024 involves the biggest and most powerful gravitational powers in the entire solar system. This time it’s not only Jupiter but the other gas giants too, that are lining up in opposition to the Sun with us in the middle. We will see Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune all lined up on one side of the solar system and the earth on the other. As a result, some astronomers are saying that this combination of all four massive planets on one side may actually pool their respective gravity and thus cause some effect on our earth, albeit from a great distance.
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Since this is all speculation, we have little way of knowing what will transpire. Nevertheless the theory is that it could cause some instability on the earth’s crust again, resulting in possible earthquake activity or volcanic eruption. Some may then conclude that we humans may also therefore feel some kind of subtle gravitational effect too. We will have to wait and see, but the fact is that we are all being influenced by these kinds of planetary forces of gravity all the time, to greater or lesser degree, particularly from the Sun and Moon, but the others also play their part as extras in the drama on the stage of the solar system. Let’s keep our feet on the ground as we look to the stars. There may be some insight for us as we observe the cyclic patterns paying out on our earth as well as in our psyches, for we are all connected in this grand cosmic dance.

(images pixabay)