A New Adventure... The Journey of Online Schooling

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So yesterday marked the beginning of a whole new chapter in Jude's life as well as mine. During lockdown he was doing online schooling with his previous school and he adapted so well, that we made the decision to make the move to online schooling permanently. It was something that we were going to do when he got to high school anyway - so it started two years earlier... but that is no biggie.

Personally, I have been really excited about the lifestyle change as well as the added flexibility. No more dragging my child to school at the crack of dawn. No more subjecting him to "classroom drama" and all the other nonsense that comes with that package. No more uniforms and most excitingly for me... no more lunchboxes... woohooo!!!! As it turns out, I was informed a few weeks after we had notified the old school and registered him for online learning that his school campus is actually going to be closing down... so we would have been in a flat panic (like all the other parents now are) trying to find new schools for their kids after all the annual applications have already closed at other schools... we definitely had an angel watching over us, because on top of everything else that has been happening in my life, I honestly do not think I would have coped with having to find my child a new school too.

For the moment, sporting is still not permitted due to lockdown regulations, but from the beginning of next year, he can pick and choose which sporting and extra curricular activities he would like to participate in. For the time being, I am just grateful for where we stay, as he has daily access to his friends, outdoor play and plenty of fresh air.

I still had a five old laptops from my "shop days", one of which Jude had been using for school up until now... but they were REAL DONKEYS! So the other day I popped them onto Facebook market place and managed to sell all five to one buyer. The next day Jude got the treat of going to get a brand new gaming mouse (obviously) lol, gaming mousepad (again, obviously), an awesome laptop backpack bag and of course the laptop itself.


Needless to say, he has been posting daily youtube videos since. lol. I really need to sit down with him and get him back into his profile here on Hive now that he is a little older, he could probably manage that himself.

So, anyway... yesterday was the "first day of the new term"... school started at 10am and in his pyjamas, lol!




Day one was a bit of a learning curve for the both of us, working out his daily schedule - how many specific subject tasks he will need to do each day etc. as the college allows you to work at your own pace... but once we got that all sorted we were good to go! Today went a lot smoother, Jude came and sat in the lounge at our dining room table (which also acts as a desk for all of us lol) and he did his work there, which was great because when he needed a hand with anything, I was right there to assist - although there are online tutors... I don't think they will ever trump the "first place" of asking mom haha! - Except when mom has NO idea how to help, lol!

The curriculum is the standard South African curriculum - but in all honesty, I am not particularly worried about any of that... as long as he achieves what is required of him, I would rather he put more energies into facets that truly get him excited... like coding and robotics which he has also started now and LOVES already!

Exciting times ahead... a new adventure for all of us! A refreshing change and I am very excited about what lies ahead!

Onward and upward...


Until next time...
Much Love from Cape Town, South Africa xxx


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coding and robotics which he has also started now and LOVES already

Jude has a bright future and a great mum :)

MWAH! Thank you @nathanmars and just for the hell of it, I am going to shut up, be gracious and agree with you on both counts! haha xxx !tip

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Coding and robotics! Oh great things are coming for you, young man. Keep it up. 👌

Thank you! !tip

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Nice! My daughter (high achool) was just breaking out of her life long social anxiety when the lock down happened. She actually misses school so bad she starts crying. Now they are talking about online only in the fall and she is heart broken. She can deal with it online but the school work gets in the way of gaming alot. Lol.
Just a parent tip when you "helping" him. Dont let him find out how much you use google, lol.

Shame man :( That is terrible!!!! And yes #$%# this lockdown and all the disaster it has caused (more harm than good in my opinion)...

online but the school work gets in the way of gaming alot.

hahaha!!! I can relate!

Dont let him find out how much you use google

Too late... oops! haha - am sure he will survive... hopefully lol!

I hated school so I wasnt surprised that she did too. But it did surprise me when she actually started to like it. Lol.

Well, I think let's correct you there.... :P What she was beginning to enjoy, was the social aspect of it hehe! I was also NEVER classroom material! I was either being disrupted or doing the disrupting... (mostly the latter haha). I never finished school either. Dropped out in grade 8, went to study design and was top of my class. Ran one unsuccessful and another VERY successful business and spent most of my younger years high as a kite... so here's hoping there is hope for my little man hahahaha!!! The apple didn't fall very far from the tree, but I am "present" a lot more than my folks were and I know just how much of a difference that can make in a persons life. :)

My siblings loved the temporary online schooling and would probably choose to continue like that if it was an option here :) They seemed way less stressed as well.
Good luck ^^

Have to agree about the levels of stress! And thank you :)

Also for summer workouts he should check out superhero workouts (darabee), they're fun and there are various difficulty levels, many are great for home :D

That sounds awesome! Will go look it up and if I fail, will shout for a link :)

The batman one was viral for a while :D There are a few variations

Good for you, good for Jude!

I'm thinking it's about time something went right for you. Just sayin'

I suspect I'd have done just fine with online schooling (as I suspect Jude will). I didn't particularly like 'school' because I was never particularly good with authority and the abuse thereof. Long as I could keep playing ball I'd have been just fine outside of a classroom setting.

That's great @jaynie. Love the pics.
My grandson's also started home schooling and they are planning to become "big gamers". They are 10 and 12 and they told me there is already tournaments that they can compete in and win money.
My daughter say they are moving way faster with the curriculum than in school. They have way more "free time".
I just wrote a post for online teachers about learners mental health. 🙂
Good luck with the home schooling to you and your son. Love the pics of him learning. A child is so precious.

Isnt it cool to see what they already can do and see their progress, we did the online schooling for the 4 weeks and although the dynamics were very different for all the types of education from the 4 kids they are in it was grand to see they do so well online. And at their own pace. Now they had 3 weeks live in school and 1 week to go and than we have holiday here in holland. I learned a lot, about what education they get , what my kids can do and what their learning abilities are and what i can ask of them. Its been a wild ride but god damn i am proud. And isnt their future to do more online anyway so , great choice , i wish we had online schooling here, but not yet fully so untill than this is fine periods at home and periods at school.

And Jude for a great deal with all the gaming stuff aswell, and that sounds very familiar hahhaahh

Have a great Thursday love

Yes indeed! It's a real eye opener actually! I really think he will flourish - I mean, don't we all... when we can do the things we ACTUALLY enjoy doing!

As for the gaming... yeah! haha :D

So countdown to the holidays for you... tick tock!!!!

Thursday.... a hard day for me. You know why... but I will continue to do my best to make it a happy day and not a sad one xxx

Hey! Please let me know where you put him in. You should have put him in by me then I could do online classes with him lol!

hahahaha!!!! Yeah, I am brushing up on my Afrikaans simultaneously lol!

He enrolled with Think Digital College