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In my opinion... Fridays are for good news, good vibes and good times - and I have been waiting the week out to see just how many reasons I would have to feel on top of the world today - and there are plenty - 101 to be exact!

Just over a week ago, a handful of us (25 to be precise) from my Power House Creatives community, kicked off the #mysteemstory initiative. When conceptualising a community initiative that would make some waves on Steem and create positive attention and exposure to the outside world, I really did not foresee just how much momentum it would gain... and it was a LOT! In one week, we have had exactly 101 participants and that number can only ever grow. I had decided on Wednesday already that I would save this post for Friday (today) and having finished the post count at 101 - it just seems like there is something magical about the fact that it happened to reside on that number today!

Some of you may recall the two @theycallmedan dpoll competitions that he ran about a year ago - the Steem feed was absolutely swamped with thumbnails from the various teams appealing for votes. As much as it was incredibly competitive it was also one of the most unifying experiences that Steemians had encountered in a very long time. It REALLY brought the community together! The positive energy and excitement during both dpolls could be felt throughout the entire blockchain. It was amazing! I wanted my PHC community to create something similar - I wanted the hype, the excitement, the re-ignition of passion, connecting of individuals and an overall sense of standing together as a unit.

We scheduled our posts so that they would all hit the blockchain at precisely the same time and when they did people immediately began jumping on board. The blue "My Steem Story" thumbnail was literally EVERYWHERE - Steem, Twitter, FB - you name it!! People from ALL over the world were joining in and everyone was sharing it!

Like I said in the intro on the original initiative post - everyone has a story and people like to hear other people's stories - it gives them "first hand" guidance and "salt of the earth" knowledge.

Not only has this initiative connected many people who are already on the Steem blockchain but it has also created an instant resource for outsiders and newcomers that contains a wealth of information, knowledge and guidance. One hashtag can now direct people to first hand stories that cultivate peace of mind and offer reassurance to those less familiar with this space. How amazing is that!


forever growing

and that is definitely worthy of a happy dance!


I would like to say a VERY SPECIAL thank you to the first 101 Steemians that played a part in creating the eternal resource that is...


You guys and gals put forward absolutely incredible posts!!! I have yet to finish reading and responding to all of them - but I will lol! (I think I am about half way through at this point). You are all absolute LEGENDS in every sense of the word!!!

@iamraincrystal, @mrnightmare89, @redheadpei, @joanstewart, @oneray, @free-reign, @goldendawne, @bluemoon, @freedomtowrite, @wonderwop, @dexpartacus, @bozz, @blueeyes8960, @bdmillergallery, @marybellrg, @davidesimoncini, @derekrichardson, @zekepickleman, @antoniarhuiz, @fenngen, @justclickindiva, @tryskele, @mariannewest, @fmbs25, @felt.buzz, @jayna, @brittandjosie, @wwwiebe, @bengy, @lizelle, @rem-steem, @manoldonchev, @sgbonus, @carolinacardoza, @porters, @chelsea88, @imaluv54, @janaveda, @shadonchundra, @imadear, @spellmaker, @lymepoet, @mrprofessor, @wira8788, @issymarie, @lisfabian, @mgaft1, @zellypearl, @denissemata, @pixiepost, @zeleiracordero, @watersnake101, @mariita52, @zord189, @mballesteros, @slwzl, @hafizullah, @carlos84, @glotokens, @soyunasantacruz, @lecumberre, @oppongk, @ambiguity, @rokhani, @mafalda2018, @madushanka, @partitura, @clixmoney, @nathyortiz, @yeceniacarolina, @eugelys, @abitcoinskeptic, @nachomolina, @mariela53, @belemo, @roadstories, @detlev, @libertycrypto27, @giocondina, @sacra97, @belkisa758, @maryorser, @pablo1601, @tomlee, @olivia08, @cetb2008, @hlezama, @yiobri, @lisbethseijas, @betzaelcorvo, @wendyth16, @helengutier2, @marcybetancourt, @priyanarc, @mllg, @manuelramos, @jennyzer, @leveuf, @bliss11


This initiative is forever open to ANYONE that wishes to participate by adding their story. You can find all the "how to" details in my original post...



What a fantastic way to end the week and to kickstart the weekend!

Here's wishing you all a magnificent weekend!


Until next time...
Much Love from Cape Town, South Africa xxx


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This was so much fun, not only creating a story and being a part of the initiative, but reading everyone else's stories. We all came from such different backgrounds yet come together here on Steem!

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That is so true @blueeyes8960!!! I am still busy ploughing my way through them and today I met an actual HIT MAN!!! hahaha... we don't get to say that every day!

It really was a lot of fun, and it was very exciting to watch it all unfold!

Amazing news @jaynie, I'm so happy I joined in the challenge. 💕


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Me toooooo!!! hahaha :) Thank you @wonderwop! You were exceptional in taking the time and making the effort to go and respond to each and every person... it truly was amazing of you!!!

!giphy thank+you


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This is so moving <3 It was a wonderful initiative and very well planned. So great girl!

I loved every second! So glad you were a part of it because now we have you with us to enjoy the planning and excitement of future initiatives!!

I am very happy to be with all of you :) Thanks a lot!
Happy Weekend :)

And we are loving having you with us @eugelys!

!giphy virtual+hug

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The family keeps growing!!

It absolutely DOES! xoxoxo

Well done @jaynie for having the drive and vision behind the SteemStory initiative. Excellent work! 💕

You know @felt.buzz - it would have been nothing and achieved very little if it had not been for all of you standing with me! So thank you!

!giphy group+hug

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Hi there! Happy to have found this little community here. Would love to join in here!

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You will find a link for application to our community at the foot of any of my posts :)

Wow, this is an amazing response from the community! Well done.

I still haven't shared mine but I've seen a lot Steem stories on my feed. :)

It really was! I am totally blown away at how well it was received by everyone! I really do hope you do decide to write yours and I look forward to reading it!


I stopped at 32 reads so I have to go back now to read up some more

hahaha... well if you didn't have any weekend plans.... you do now LOL

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I felt so excited the moment all our stories jumped into Steemit, it was a unique and unforgettable experience from every point of view. This is more than just a chain of blocks, it's a chain of hearts. Thanks to #powerhousecreatives @steemitbloggers, a beautiful community from every point of view, with immense human quality and of which I feel honored and very proud to belong. A thousand thanks, dear @jaynie for making me relive this emotion once again. This way we will continue, bringing the best from my heart to a special and unique family. A big hug for everyone!

What a beautiful comment and testament to the amazing people we have in the PHC server @marybellrg! Thank you! We are blessed to have you with us now too and I look forward to enjoying MANY more experiences like that together as a team!


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WOW!! We are a lot!!
Was really fun!
Excellent contest and participation! 👏👏👏💯

It was indeed a LOT of fun!!! I am thrilled with the initial turnout and I hope that many more people get involved in the time to come :)

That was really wow!. The publishing chain was a rewarding and adrenaline filled challenge for the excitement of publishing at the same time. On top of that, the fact of establishing differences and similarities between the publications in terms of each story. The common thread was that no start was easy.

It really was incredible, wasn't it! And yes, I could not agree more!!!! The meeting new people, hearing their stories and everything else made it really special!!!

I enjoyed going down memory lane. Great stuff ♥️

hehe yes! It was fun! Have a super weekend!

It is very nice to tell our beginnings in steemit, the friends we have done, the activities we share on this great platform. I love reading a lot, responding to friends and leaving messages gives them the feeling that they were read and understood. @jaynie

It turned out to be such a fabulous initiative! I am so happy that it was so well received by so many people!

I love to participate and support the project @jaynie

and I really appreciate that, thank you!

I CONGRATULATE them in capital letters. I have read several stories that have moved me, happy and flooded with multiple feelings. I have met people from different parts of the world and their stories are fascinating. Receive my cordial hug to the entire PHC team

There have been some fantastic stories that have come out of this as well as so many new friendships formed! Thank you so much for the positive feedback!


Such a fabulous initiative @jaynie! So many amazing stories :) Love it!

There really were!!! It was wonderful to read each and every one! Have a great weekend @birdsinparadise!

Great @jaynie, I'm so happy about this! 💕💗

I think we all are haha! And it was a pleasure hon xxx

Thank you @jaynie
Your support is greatly appreciated.
I cry writing and keep crying when I read so many stories, and it seems that this platform becomes a refuge for those who find this world very difficult.
Really thanks and for creating, creating the incredible formula that makes me feel part of something ... of making me feel part of this ...

It is my pleasure hon! There really were some beautiful stories and I love how it connected everyone together!

Thanks to you in truth for the opportunity to tell the world our story, each of us has reason to continue on this wonderful path, where you find people from all over, share feelings and some come to inspire us, I really liked making this publication, @jaynie, you never know when the wave rebounds just touch the hearts of people and you with this initiative revived those feelings, steemit is not a simple social network or chains of blocks, is of talented people sharing with the world its original content-

That is so true! It really did makes some beautiful waves! :)


Inspirational, Motivating and Moving to see the response!

Exceptional reading about others path onto blockchain, I'm about half way through, still more reading to get to.

Yes agreed - the reading alone has been a great journey! I finally managed to get through them all. Took me the whole week though LOL

thanks also for your initiative about this. You helped me to look back of how I used to before. You made me realised that I wasn't the lost dreamboy before. It gave me an idea that I'm improving now, unlike before. Again, thank you.. have a nice day

My pleasure! I am glad that you too away so many positives from it!

Hope you have a great weekend too :)

Oh yeah baby! gogo sexy community



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Awesome stuff @arcange! You rock! Thank you :)


!giphy you+rock

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You're welcome @jaynie

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Wonderful, thank you!

That was a great initiative and I so enjoyed reading the different Steem stories and getting to know my fellow Steemians better!
101 Steem Stories WOW! I've got to get back to it and do some more reading and connect with more of my fellow Steemians!
[email protected] for setting this up and pulling us all in to tell our stories!

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