(JaiChai) Science fiction - "The Nicky AI Symbiote" - from the "Aeon 14" Fan Art Collection

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Inspired by M.D. Cooper's "Aeon 14" series.

About Aeon 14 Artificial Intelligence -

Under the Phobos Accords which ended the Sentience Wars and established the Sol Space Federation, the AIs maintained their own court system to deal with such cases (which is said to be far harsher than the legal system for organics).

The Aeon 14 series draws a line between sentient and non-sentient AI (NSAI). Non-sentient AI can parse complex commands but appear to be rules-based. Sentient AI (SAI), e.g. Rika's AI symbiote Nicky, Tanis's companion Angela or Intrepid's shipboard AI Bob, are creative, feel and express emotions, and grow and change with their experiences like humans do.

However, it's less of a hard line and more of a Sliding Scale, which John Stripe's novella I Have No Master deals with directly: Dregs is technically still an NSAI but his OS has been upgraded so much that it's hard to tell the difference.

Sapient AI get a natural high (likened to an orgasm by one character) from great feats of mental prowess. This is deliberately designed into them as a Pavlovian conditioning trigger.


This is #3 of 3 rare (only three minted), signed and non-watermarked NFTs of
"The Nicky AI Symbiote" from the "Aeon 14" Fan Art Collection #1 of 3.

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