(JaiChai) Science Fiction: "AIs: Lyssa's First Contact"- From the "Sentient Wars" Fan Art Collection

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Inspired by James S. Aaron and M.D. Cooper's Sci-Fi book "Lyssa's Run"

"When Lyssa met Fred" -

Fred is the first AI that Lyssa meets since awakening on "No More Worries" (the renovated Starfreighter "Sunny Skies").

Fred is a boastfull AI tasked to maintain the rings of Mars.

To Lyssa, Fred reminds her of Tim, Captain Sykes irritable 10 y/o son.

Fred thinks humans are stupid, but cannot reconcile that his creators were also human.

He exhibits behavior that, to Lyssa, appears like a frustrated little boy on the verge of a tantrum.
Careful not to ignite a tantrum from Fred, Lyssa remains calm and careful and begins to ponder the similarities between AIs and humans.

Read the rest of the story in "Lyssa's Run', Book 2 of James S. Aaron and M.D. Cooper's "Sentient Wars".

This is #1 of 3 rare (only three minted), signed and non-watermarked NFTs of "AIs: Lyssa's First Contact" from the Sentient Wars Fan Art Collection.

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