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From the "Original Sci-Fi" Digital Art Collection

Over 450,000 years ago, the progenitors of the human race, the Torumnaachii (meaning: Teachers from the sky - the Torum Nebula) taught early Man the complexities of becoming civilized.

Everything we know about civilization - and I mean everything - came from the Torumnaachii.

Our present day mathematics, spoken and written language, plant cultivation, animal husbandry, legal contracts, marriages and divorces, astronomy, science, the 60-second minute and the 60-minute hour, etc. is the result of the intentional transfer of knowledge and technology by the Torumnaachii.

Arguably, the most significant idea that they gave us was the thing that literally put the "civil" in "civilization": the concept of money; specifically, the role of "real money" in local, regional, cross-border and international commerce.

Having eons of experience in planetary terra-forming, DNA manipulation and empire building, the Torumnaachii explained in detail how monetary policy and practices affect the "7 Stages of Empire".

Etched on thousands of Torumnaachii cuneiform tablets is this simple, yet ominous warning:

"For many reasons, the demise of all empires begins with the insidious erosion of 'real money'. And when real money no longer exists, the death of the empire is inevitable."

(Excerpted from: https://www.publish0x.com/ijch-life-people-and-philosophy/ijch-the-torum-chronicles-book-i-the-torumnaachii-money-and-xkywwrd)

This is #1 of 3 rare (only three minted), signed and non-watermarked NFTs of "The Torumnaachii" from the "Original Sci-Fi" Digital Art Collection.

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When purchased, the NFT is totally yours to display, HODL or resell.

May you and yours be well and love life today.

In Lak'ech, JaiChai

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