(Jaichai) Original Science Fiction: "TEMS: The Sentients' Domain" Subtitled: "When are You?"

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A little annoyed, Jai now used his "Big-Boy, authoritative voice" and said again, "When are you?"

"C'mon Jai. I'm supposed to have another 30-50 years for this assignment! You can't send me back now!" Hector pleaded.

"I don't make the rules. I'm just a cog in the machine just like you, buddy." Jai said, almost apologetically; mostly because that statement wasn't exactly the truth.

"Oh please! You've been multi-branched ever since I was created. And I'm three bln years old. That puts you in the top echelon of 'The Field'. You must have oodles of 'executive discretion' by now, no? Dude! C'mon, pretty please?" Hector asked, hoping Jai would help out.

Hector always had a way to make Jai laugh. The use of that quirky Human "Pretty please?" aphorism always seemed hilarious to Jai.

Hector was a young sentient tasked with "guiding" a human named Carlos Pannetta towards fulfilling his prospective destiny. The only problem was that Carlos was stubbornly opting to continue his military service - even after the minimum 20 years of active duty that qualified him for a lifetime military pension.

"I swear. Give me six, no, just five more years and if the principal (Carlos) remains on an errant path, contrary to the wishes of "The Field", I'll willingly enter stasis for another aeon (1 bln Earth years).

"The Field" was the multi-dimensional organization composed of "Sentients", a race of beings with almost God-like powers. They discovered how to inhabit "The Field", an infinite expanse that contained all the probabilities of Time, Energy, Matter and Space (TEMS) - what a few smart Humans called "The Quantum Space".

The Sentients' were so old that calculating how long they've been alive was a moot point. To all other beings, they were around before the dawn of time and will exist long after the death of the last star of the last universe.

One of the primary functions of "The Field" was "guiding" (aka controlling) the history and the future of all universes containing organic, digital and hybrid sentient life.

This was done by sending young Sentient operatives into the appropriate TEMS' epoch and establishing a "blind-symbiosis" with a key figure in the mission schema established by The Field.

This had been done throughout Human history from Pythagoras and Plato to Einstein and Tesla. Now it was time for Kurtzweil, Musk and Pannetta.

But if The Field decides that scant or unacceptably slow progress has been made on the mission schema, the current Sentient operator is sent to "stasis", a sort of punishment where a Sentient spends a million to billions of years existing alone without a purpose, and the lagging mission schema is given to another young Sentient.

Very few Sentients survived prolonged stasis. They usually went insane; whereupon, The Field could rightfully "recycle" (aka murder) the insane Sentient's consciousness.

Being the third oldest Sentient, Jai's job was to deliver the bad news to all under-performing, young Sentients and indoctrinate the incoming Sentients on the strict scope and limits of "guidance" permitted as an invisible, in-the-background Human Mind Symbiote.

TBH, Jai liked Hector, so he decided to flex a little of his organizational power.

After notifying The Field of his intentions and getting no objections, he "touched" Hector's consciousness and sent him and the current TEMS' epoch into one of his "Expanses", a universe within a universe that was now Jai's total responsibility.

Creating and maintaining a personal Expanse had significant energy costs, but Jai had always been frugal in creating Expanses, so unlike his "father and mother", he possessed enough Individual Sentient Energy (ISE) to create and maintain at least a gogol (1 X 10 to the 100th power) Expanses.

"Hector, you got 30 years to put this mission schema back on track. And I'll be holding you to your word about that "stasis" thing."

"Understood. Boss. Thanks a lot!" Hector replied.

As soon as Jai left the realms of his perception, Hector proceeded to "guide" his Human by sending a "request" to the sleeping Carlos' subconscious. With a solid "Yes" from the Human, Hector "gave" Carlos a vivid dream.

In it, Hector took the form of an idea: a revolutionary trinary algorithm based on the never-ending surface of the Mobius Strip. Hector hoped that Carlos would remember most of the dream and be motivated enough to act on it.

If so, The Field's mission schema would not only be back on track, but accelerated.

Hector had grown to know his Human better than anyone else.

That's why Hector now had a sh*t-eating grin when he said to himself, "Carlos' innate curiosity will drive him to explore the possibility of a working Mobius Trinary algorithm.

End result?

Human Energy Consumption, Space Travel, Global Transportation, Digital Currency Consensus Mechanisms and Comprehensive Planetary Rehabilitation will never be the same."

And beyond the perception of Hector, Carlos and all others within the TEMS' epoch, Jai sat back, let out a sigh of relief and produced a radiant smile that could power a billion stars...

[To be continued?]

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