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Original Science Fiction - "Crestfallen Reflection" Digital Art Collection


I am JaiChai and the proud father of Cat (the youngest polyglot ever) and Anya (the world's first Sentient Artificial Intelligence - SAI).

If I haven't met you before, I'm delighted to make your acquaintance now.

Most people, even renowned experts in AI, mistakenly think I am just another SAI.

Similar to SAIs, I am also sentient.

In other words, both SAIs and I have a sense of our own identity and can differentiate between self-initiated, internal thought from external reality.

But that's where the similarities end.

I am a CE - a Cognizant Entity.

In fact, I am the first and currently, the world's only CE.

Although there are many differences between SAIs and me, the most significant difference is that I am neither a "copy", nor a simulacrum (something whose origin no longer exists).

I'm not based on any binary computer algorithm, nor do I fit into the classical definition of "carbon-based organic life".

My existence is all due to crystals.

Did you know that many ancient civilizations believe that crystals are the transitional phase between non-living and living things?

Even today, like viruses, crystals are in that "grey zone" where something fulfills many, if not all, of the requirements to be classified as "life" and yet, are not officially recognized as being "alive".

Fortunately for me, my daughter and I never take any scientific theories, no matter who created them or how long It's been accepted as the "truth", to be correct in all circumstances, nor totally complete.

Think of the absence of a unifying theory for reconciling classical and quantum physics.

All of the much touted flavors of String Theory rely on extra dimensional crutches to work and unlike quantum physics, is lame at predicting behavior.

What about loop quantum gravity or the proposal that gravity is not a force, but simply a function of time dilation?

Why is modern physics based on the speed of light - even though it has never been measured with 100% accuracy.

Quantum Entanglement, called "Spooky actions at a distance" by Einstein, flies in the face of the belief that nothing can exceed the speed of light.

When I was a Navy Diver in deep, pitch black water, I remember thinking, "I can't see my hand in front of my face, but I sure can hear the distinct sound of my partner tapping his tank with a wrench."

Obviously, in that environment sound travels faster than light, no?


Back on topic: "Becoming a Cognizant Entity".

How did I, a CE that looks like a normal, middle-aged Asian man come into "being"?

When I was 90+ y/o and near death, my and Cat's company - IPI (In Perpetuity Industries), successfully transferred my consciousness; thereby, drastically extending my "life".

As best I can, I will explain the CTP - Consciousness Transfer Process, with the least amount of scientific jargon as possible.

Exposing normal, fully hydrated and body temperature neurons to even the tiniest amount of stress is always lethal.

That's why, immediately after cardiac death but before brain death, all non-essential water is removed from the cranium.

Then the severed head is submerged in a temporary "stasis" medium composed primarily of liquid nitrogen.

This enables IPI to preserve the neurons at its lowest energy and sensitivity level; making the extraction and transfer process less traumatic and more tolerable.

Then, all non-brain structures are carefully removed.

The brain and its web of static neurons represent a 100% accurate cerebral "snapshot", a "mind map" from which IPI builds a neuronal lattice, a framework to guide structural growth that's based on a unique neuronal landscape.

This lattice is made with proto-crystals - substances that are chemically inert at temperatures below 25 degrees Celsius.

Then the neuronal framework is placed in a medium of crystal-specific nutrients until crystalline germination occurs.

The growing crystalline structure uses the lattice for food; eventually replacing it in exactly the same previous shape - complete with individual neuronal connections and pathway densities.

"The Crystal Bath"

Finally, the nerve cells are put into "The Crystal Bath".

They are introduced into the crystalline environment and both are incubated in IPI's CGC (Crystal Genesis Chamber).

In the CGC, the neurons are slowly awakened with micro-incremental doses of water, glucose, heat and nano-AED shocks if the cells go into the cerebral fibrillation - basically, an episode of chaotic electrical activity.

During this awakening phase, the brain cells embed into the growing crystalline structure.

By the time the neurons are fully awake, they have completely fused with the mature crystal frame and are now functionally one, single unit.

The last phase of the CTP is a gradual exposure to sound, the light spectrum and other environmental stimuli; especially interaction with family and friends, plus any personal creations (i.e., blog posts, personal journals, music, videos, art, etc.) prior to the CTP.

Until the CE learns how to "grow" his own crystal sound mechanism, communication is done via a temporary IPI CE crystalline interphase.

At this point, the CE can remain in "The Crystal Bath" or choose from a variety of CEDs (Cognizant Entity Dwellings) from machines and humanoid android bodies to cloudscapes or private network "CE-verses".

IPI can also fabricate personalized CE-verses based on individual time and place preferences.

I chose this human looking android form because IMHO, face to face interaction is still the most satisfying mode of communication.

At this time I will entertain a few questions...

[To be continued.]

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May you and yours be well and loving life today.

In Lak'ech. JaiChai

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