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One of the newest memes in the cryptocurrency space is called "Getting Pilled".

It is a term that, like Neo in "The Matrix" choosing the Red Pill and gaining "enlightenment", "Getting Pilled" means taking the jump down that rabbit hole called the crypto space that inevitably pry's an individual's eyes open, allowing him to truly see how money really works.

"Getting Pilled" makes people realize how we've become debt slaves to those who've known since the beginning how to build a house of cards and control nations through currency manipulation.

When you are Pilled, you join the growing group of the world's population that see the potential of cryptocurrency to gain financial empowerment and individual sovereignty.

The Pilled population is still the uber-minority (is that an oxymoron?).

And nobody knows how this struggle between legacy finance and decentralized cryptocurrency will play out.

But world leaders, Pilled or not, now realize that the genie is out of the bottle for good.

The world cannot be "Un-Bitcoined".


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And the reactive politics and veiled crypto mimicry called "CBDCs" hint to the fact that legacy finance wants to lead us into recentralization of the coming world of nation state, central bank controlled, purely digital currencies.

I've long since stopped trying to "Pill" people; that is, be an unpaid crypto evangelist.

These days, that's what so-called "Air Drops" are used for.

Modern Air Drops are just a way for a project to recruit free salesmen, free advertising and a ready-made, free contact list; while offering a shitcoin whose speculative value is a bloated fantasy of reality.

My philosophy is simple: "Get pilled or take your chances."

It's the same as Pascal or a Las Vegas Black Jack dealer's answer to the question, "Do you believe in God? Answer: "I'm not sure, but I always hedge my bets!"

Think of this scenario.


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In the science fiction book "Lyssa's Dream" (by James S. Aaron and M.D. Cooper), having enough money to get a neural link directly to the internet becomes a mark of achievement, a status symbol and the Holy Grail.

Only those too poor to pay for the link remain unconnected.

And of course, a technological discrimination pervades the culture. Linked people automatically think the unlinked are dumb, lazy and a drag on society.

The unlinked spend most of their lives in a futile effort to earn enough money to get the coveted neural link operation.

But the whole system is stacked against them because of the disadvantages of not having instant access to the world's information.

In other words, because the unlinked cannot be competitive in the workplace, they rarely make enough money to survive - let alone get the link.

One way for poor people to earn a neural link is through military service.

Throughout our own history, the rich have used the same ploy to entice young men and women to fight wars for them. And countless young people eagerly enter harm's way for God, Country, or simply to lift their family out of poverty.

I am a veteran of over 24 years of active duty.

Why did I volunteer, then remain in the military long enough to earn a life-long pension at 40 years of age?


I was young, dumb and stubborn; that is, I was too young to comprehend what I was getting myself into, too dumb to see what was happening around me until I was too personally invested, and too stubborn to back down from a challenge, and become - in my mind - a "quitter" or worse, to leave my buddies behind to pick up my slack.


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Back on topic: "Getting Pilled".

I guess what I'm trying to say is this:

The simple act of exposure to the crypto space and "Getting Pilled" (or not) always leaves a permanent mark on everybody.

It makes people contemplate how the world works and their part in perpetuating the status quo; or how they can make changes in their own lives to gain more financial freedom and sovereignty.

Again, I say, "Get Pilled or take your chances."


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If you take the pill and you are right, wonderful. Your life will be better. If you are wrong, it won't be the end of the world, just more of the same.

But if you don't take the pill and you are wrong, you will be thrust into the next "poor, dumb and disadvantaged" generation of society.

Just my opinion.

May you and yours be well and love life today.

In Lak'ech, JaiChai


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