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@sleepypunk (torum.com) is 30 years old today.

I wrote him this note:


Congratulations on another successful trip around the Sun!


Speaking of years of age, think of this for your next birthday.


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When you're 31 y/o, you'll be 620 y/o in Hamster years, 112.73 y/o in Dog years, 99.2 y/o in Cat years, 70.86 y/o in Lion years, 62 y/o in Horse years and 35.43 y/o in Elephant years.

But if you're an Anunnaki, where one year on your home planet (Nibiru) equals 3,600 Earth years, you'll be "only" 0.008611 Anunnaki years old.


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Back to Human Years on Earth...

Currently, the Average Worldwide Life Expectancy for males is 70.8 years. Depending on where you live, the Life Expectancy can vary greatly.

For example, the average Life Expectancy for males in the United States is 79 years. In Sweden and Spain the average Life Expectancy for males is 80 years, but it's only 50 years for males in Angola and Chad.

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Of course, even in the regions with the lowest or highest Life Expectancy, there will always be outliers; meaning, people who live much longer or die much earlier than expected - usually due to personal lifestyle rather than environmental or other external factors (i.e., political, religious, cultural, etc).

This is a key point.


Because barring a genetic propensity for hereditary diseases, WWIII or strings of prolonged pandemics, all scientific research indicates that people have a greater ability to influence how long they live now than those of just two decades ago.

There's a heightened awareness of an individual's controllable risk factors.

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More people are paying attention to their nutrition, alcohol consumption, exercise routines and stress levels.

Diagnostic, treatment and preventive medicine has advanced in leaps and bounds (e.g., DNA screening, nano technology and CRISPR Cas-9, etc...).

Now whether "Joe Average" behaves wisely or not is another question.

We humans have a long history of stubbornly pursuing things or escaping into distractions that drastically shorten our lifespans.

Go figure?

Anyway, again HAPPY BIRTHDAY!


May you and yours be well and loving life today.

In Lak'ech, JaiChai

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