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RE: My Computer has Been Repaired! Time to Get Back to Work!

I have a modest cash reserve set aside for just this sort of emergency, although my recent dental problem ate into it.


Well done for having cash set aside! I hate needles and dental work, but it sounded like you came away from the experience fairly "intact."

I think we just have too many "old things" in our life that have reached the point where they will break down and will need to be fixed... or replaced. The self-employment route has not been easy this past year... falling income and rising costs is an unhappy mix!

I know I'm likely OK in the short term as a librarian. Technically, I am not a government employee, but we all know where most library funding comes from anyway. Still, us parasites will also suffer from the rising prices and reduced supply of goods as the fallout from economic restrictions and money supply inflation continue to ripple through the economy.