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RE: BLOGGING - Abyss or Bliss?

My general rule is that "when whales clash to get the hell out of the way" but I read this post (and the comments) last night and here is my unsolicited two cents:

@blocktrades should not be thrown under the proverbial bus just because he is fighting an abuser (or abusers) of the platform.

Sure there has been a lot of collateral damage via the automated downvotes but at least he is actively trying to thwart those who seek to exploit the platform... unlike 99.9% of the folks with even a moderately large stake.

Just my perspective.


My general rule is that "when whales clash to get the hell out of the way"

99% of the time I would agree with that too lol...

blocktrades should not be thrown under the proverbial bus just because he is fighting an abuser (or abusers) of the platform.

I hear you, but that is where my opinion differs... the people that get caught in the middle should not be thought of as "collateral damage".... and on that note, he is not ACTIVELY doing ANYTHING... all of his activity is automated and it is hitting some of the platforms best content creators... and I exclude myself from that statement.

Like I said, I do hear and respect what you are saying, but we will have to agree to disagree I suppose... I am just of the opinion that when you truly feel strongly about something... you implement it with authenticity not automation... because the latter is about as effective as pulling out the plants along with the weeds.

But like I have said to a few other people in the comments... that downvote was not at all what this post was about - it was merely an example of one of the many things that should be addressed...

Appreciate you stopping by to add your say :) Have a lekker Thursday!

I am always okay with 'agreeing to disagree'! No worries there at all. It is assuredly a nuanced scenario and one that you express well from your perspective which is about all that any of us can do.

Cheers and Hive On!

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It's a bit more active than you suspect, since configuring and monitoring a bot isn't totally trivial.

But what, you think it would be better if I woke up every day, found every post that Haejin upvoted, calculated manually exactly how much to downvote to lessen it's impact so that his random 100% vote doesn't automatically put it at the top of the trending page? I want to assure you that I'm taking all the time I'm not wasting doing that, and devoting that time improving Hive software in every way I can. Sometimes automation is a good thing.

As a side note, it's worth mentioning that my downvotes don't lower how much rewards are given to posters as a total group, it just results in those rewards being spread more evenly among posters, instead of ending up in the hands of a few posters who are mostly already standardly rewarded with many votes cast by upvoting bots (because he's just upvoting everything that has already received a lot of votes now, whereas previously he was voting 100% votes for short form, nearly automated Korean posts, which likely means you would have never even received a vote from him if my voting bot hadn't been setup to start reducing his votes, forcing him to try another tactic). And my downvote doesn't even completely do that, since it's calibrated (by automation) to be quite a bit lower than the ranchorelaxo/haejin vote.

I understand the ultimate intention, but I suppose it does not make it any less infuriating to those of us who get caught in the middle of all these antics... and there are also many people out there who will never understand what is happening or why they received the downvote in the first place, because they know nothing of the "politics" so to speak.

I do not disrespect or discount the efforts applied nor do I pretend to know what is involved in the logistics of the automation etc. but perhaps something could be applied in terms of communication to those who end up on the receiving end that briefly outlines the what and why. Not sure if that would even be logistically feasible - but maybe it is something to consider... perhaps even manually.

Nonetheless, I respect the fact that you at least took the time to respond and I would just like to add that the mention of the downvote was not at all the primary focus or intention of this post... I was attempting to look at the solutions to situations like this - not the problem itself.... ie. In an instance where say, I get a downvote from you or someone else... that whilst aiming at a good cause in the bigger picture, is not necessarily justified on my post - and that as a community collective... we could compensate that downvote - at least partially so that the recipients of such are not left with a sour taste in their mouth but are rather shifted to a point of positivity because several other people worked together to "rectify" it.

Just one of the many things I would like us to work together at improving and alleviating - as outlined in what I wrote.

If we do not communicate from all sides (even out of frustration) - we will never get anywhere.

But again - I appreciate you coming to respond and respect your reasoning.