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RE: BLOGGING - Abyss or Bliss?

in The LIFESTYLE LOUNGElast year (edited)

I really truly understand and fully agree with you. So few people really put in the effort to read anything. I have been here since 2016 and in the beginning on steemit it was sooooo much fun because we interacted and we didn't care about money at all. They were much more strict with posts during that time but that faded out and the whole idea around these platforms have changed. It is a pity you were not here from the beginning you would have had a whole different experience. It was truly awesome! Downvotes were here from the beginning but it was used entirely different than now. You were downvoted when you plagiarized etc, but these days downvoting is done for the wrong reasons. It is sad. I have never seen a bad post from you and you can be very glad to have @appreciator and @bluemist on your side. They are the right kind of whales and I wish there were more of them on this platform. Then you would see this platform booming! It's hard to say that you shouldn't take it personally because you should. I would have felt the same way. xx


Agreed - but again, I am feeling like I need to edit this post because I wrote almost 2000 words and all people seem to see is the last paragraph and my entire message has been missed hahahahahaha!!!

Right. Edited! Let's see how the comments differ now hehehehe :)