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RE: The first time Saturday

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I don't understand your question, or the statement below it. Sorry.


Dear @Galenkp, I wish you understand because my english is poor.

Dear @galenkp, What does it mean in your life when you meet and chat with your friends in a virtual reality world?

I wondered why you chat with so many people in virtual space. What value and meaning does the behavior you meet with people on the Hive Blockchain have in your life?

A man is currently thinking about the meaning of life for himself and his family while watching the dog's death.

Do you believe in heaven and hell? A man = your brother in europe

I attended HiveFest with many others, it's an annual event and was held in virtual reality this year due to the China virus.

It is interesting to note that Hive users meet each other face to face on HiveFest.

Very interesting indeed.