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RE: Café questioning: A blockchain conundrum; Your help required

I'd share my lunch but...It's all gone! We're heading out for Indian food at a local place tonight though, you're welcome to come. You reckon you'll make it from NED in time?

Yeah, we're pretty free here...We have to stand on the X at the supermarket when in the line up but that's about it...No masks etc. Australia are doing really well although the state of Victoria the city of Melbourne in particular, had a second wave and were completely locked down for 120 days. Sucks to be them...Lucky I'm not there. #freeasabird!

Things will sort themselves out, as you say, I was just in rant mode earlier...I haven't done a good hive-rant for ages so I figured why not.

Anyway, we're off for Indian food now so...I'll either see you there, or eat your share! (That rhymes quite nicely.)