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It's always a good day when tech-gadgetry arrives in the mail and you got yourself a couple of good ones right there. It sounds like you'll put both to good use.

I don't think we have NORD phone here in Australia but it sounds like then do goo stuff. What swayed you that way as opposed to any of the others? My brothers have Huawei phones and they have performed well for them. I have a Samsung S20, new only a few months ago...Wondering what made you go NORD...Or was it simply the cost-factor?


No, OnePlus still doesn't support the Australian market at the moment. I've not had problems with the OnePlus phones (I even got my mum on one...) in Australia, but they don't officially sell it there (gray markets do work...) and the telcos will not know what the hell the phone is if they need to do support. There are sometimes some band issues, but mostly it is okay.

I think part of their cost savings (from the old days at least...) was the grassroots guerrilla marketing (with low marketing costs)... and the highly target distribution to areas like Europe, India and places like that... avoiding the highly saturated Western (US, Australia, UK) markets that were already dominated by Samsung and Apple. This meant that they didn't have to load up on marketing and subject their phones to "partnerships" to just get noticed!

I've been with OnePlus since the Nexus line went belly up (the first OPO phone, with the invitation to purchase)... the OnePlus phones always offered great flagship hardware at cheaper prices, which always appealed the nerd in me! However, over the last few launches, the prices have been steadily increasing (not as bad as Samsung and Apple flagships... yet...) and that really started to irritate the OG community. Anyway, with the NORD, they have gone back to the original philosophy with decent specs at lower price points. This year, they are up against the Pixel 4a (which you CAN buy in Australia).

So, partly brand loyalty... although, I will have to see how this system UI change and the "partnerships" play out. The Pixel 3a/4a lines are less packed with internal goodies... but they have that awesome Camera software... I have my wife on a Pixel, she prefers the quality photos rather than the speed, storage, multi-SIM, high refresh screen and stuff like that!

I recently lost both my phones, personal Samsung S9 and work iPhone X...Wasn't a good day for sure. I replaced both of course, but was a bit confronted by the price of the S20 which I bought on a 24 month plan so I could pay it off periodically. Phones are (probably) indispensable but they cost so much! I've had desktop PC's that cost less than the S20 and it is a little mind-boggling that things have spiralled so out of control.

It seems your phone was a logical purchase and to be honest I think my next phone will be something a little cheaper, the Huawei or Oppo ones maybe? You made a good point about the marketing though...If they didn't pay 2 gazillion dollars for flashy adverts maybe the phone would be cheaper.


Take a look in at the Pixel "a" line (the mid ranger of the Pixel series).... great cameras, light software footprint!

Ouch, I'm not even going to ask how you lost two phones at the same time... cooked by leaving them in a car? It's been ages since I've bought a phone on a plan... these days, I go outright for the flexibility of changing providers. S20 is pretty awesome though... even if it also has an awesome price tag!

I'll take a look.

The phones were stolen. We with my wife having a bite to eat. Walked 15 steps to put rubbish in the bin, she was looking the other way...Taken by someone right under her nose. (I'd left them sitting on the low wall by the lake). She was literally next to them. Not her fault though, mind for leaving them there. It was not a good day.

Yep, I like the S20. Nice camera.

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