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RE: BLOGGING - Abyss or Bliss?

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oh, and also - in closing - FUCK YOU @blocktrades for downvoting my two posts to recently hit trending.

Probably countering Rancho/Haejin votes automatically as they were voting on junk for quite a while to spite people.


All of their recent downvotes are on posts that have received a substantial payout. Could be as you suggested, and hopefully, it's just some kind of misunderstanding like that... because the other option is that @blocktrades is downvoting folks who do well, and if THAT is the case, it's pretty poor fucking form to be a Witness who's actively trying to stop people from actually doing well on the platform. It's hard enough to grow without behemoth accounts deciding to shit on your profit for no reason.

I hope that the second option is not the case, and would love to hear an explanation as to what method they're using to downvote currently, as I can't in good conscience cast a vote for a Witness who appears to be abusing their power.

It is definitely an automated downvote... because in both instances, it happened within seconds of the upvote. So either he is an INCREDIBLE stalker, or it is automated lol.... but NONE of this was my point! It was ALL of the negatives combined and that if we for once operated as a TRUE collective, we could combat crap like this. @blocktrades may be operating with good intention, but the result of his "automated action" is raising flags... ESPECIALLY for people like myself, @slobberchops and plenty of other GENUINE content creators . My POINT was... I am SICK of the POLITICS! It would be nice for us to be able to "stand together" and nullify shit like this with sheer numbers! - THAT was my point! I was not looking for stroking on the fact that I got a downvote from him... I don't care... which is why I said what I said - but I was merely illustrating a point for the bigger picture :)

That makes perfect sense!

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There is no could.

It IS exactly what I said: countering a specific entity.

Well that at least is a relief!

Yes, I am aware of that - hence what I said about "all of it" :)