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RE: BLOGGING - Abyss or Bliss?

Come on now! Tell me how you really feel!

Anyone who says that they don't care about comments on their post is lying. Why else would anyone post? You can use a composition notebook if it's all for you. You are right. In the beginning, everyone is in the same boat. Now, three years later, if I was having no interaction at all, I am not sure I would stay. I mean, why?

Having a community or a circle of friends, not to be confused with circlejerks, because that just sound kind of dirty or is that just me? Anyway, having a community to lean into while you are spending time here growing. It can just be friends or a community devoted to things you enjoy, writing, photography - I have to say, if you write about it, there is a community here somewhere that will meet your needs.

I just wanted to say I support you and I want to be counted in the standing of it. Keep cool, woman and let's crack open that bottle! It's wine o'clock here, darn it!

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