Biohacking Basics

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Biohacking is about optimizing your health well beyond what's considered "normal" in order to maximize your productivity, creativity and wellbeing.


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Well said brother! Expected something else but got really nice vibe from your video....
The mass is on very low vibrations, you want to get to higher thats true.....and keep it real!
I use Ginkgo extract in liquid, great stuff!

Peace and love!
In Lak'ech

Hi cahlen,

Your previous video on nootropics, made me think and do some research.

I totally agree with you that the average human condition is very very low now.
It was an intentional deed, so on a logical standpoint, there is no reason why we shouldn't oppose to this degeneracy.

As to the impact of what we take in (food, air), Hippocrates at the time already understood it well.

Where I put the limit, is more on a philosophical level.
I tried these last year to always choose the way of less dependency / more autonomy and some of the products talked about in the "biohacking" movement are too complex to produce on a personal level.
And need a lot of trust in the producer. (must admit these last years my trust level, is low)

Thus, and it is good news, plenty of "biohacks" require nothings, or you can manage your own :)

One side-note, semantic one,
We already have been biologically hacked by dark forces,
What you describe is more like a counter-hack / restoration to full operational system.