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RE: A New Adventure... The Journey of Online Schooling

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Isnt it cool to see what they already can do and see their progress, we did the online schooling for the 4 weeks and although the dynamics were very different for all the types of education from the 4 kids they are in it was grand to see they do so well online. And at their own pace. Now they had 3 weeks live in school and 1 week to go and than we have holiday here in holland. I learned a lot, about what education they get , what my kids can do and what their learning abilities are and what i can ask of them. Its been a wild ride but god damn i am proud. And isnt their future to do more online anyway so , great choice , i wish we had online schooling here, but not yet fully so untill than this is fine periods at home and periods at school.

And Jude for a great deal with all the gaming stuff aswell, and that sounds very familiar hahhaahh

Have a great Thursday love


Yes indeed! It's a real eye opener actually! I really think he will flourish - I mean, don't we all... when we can do the things we ACTUALLY enjoy doing!

As for the gaming... yeah! haha :D

So countdown to the holidays for you... tick tock!!!!

Thursday.... a hard day for me. You know why... but I will continue to do my best to make it a happy day and not a sad one xxx