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RE: Café questioning: A blockchain conundrum; Your help required

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yap it is a hivemind problem, and i seen it mentioned right after the hf. did not see it mentioned after that, but i do hope someone is working on fixing it.

now i checked, @leofinance forontend is showing the number correctly so maybe they solved it?


Hivemind is mindfucking me. Lol.

I'm sure it'll get fixed one of these years.

lucky we are not far form the next year, so one of these years don't sounds that bad :D it could be an optimistic statement

Yeah, only a couple months to go...We could get lucky and see a fix by then...Maybe we need a countdown clock? Or, dare I say it, another HF? Lol.

time is a mush this year so few months could be few days :D
a countdown clock would be nice, it would give it a feel of urgency :)

Yeah this year hasn't been the best and it seems to be dragging on...You know, I can't think of one major thing that has gone well for me this year...I'll be glad to see the end of it although there's no assurances that 2021 will be any better. Maybe nest to just live the best we can, in the moment, and let next year worry about itself I think. I hope your 2020 has been a little better than mine.

definitely better then yours as i had no real shit happening, but it was just blah, almost 3 months of a lockdown, things are generally not happening here, and all of this made it one big nothing, and i for sure participated in making it nothing.

i just found a solution for the comments if there is no solution in next few days. maybe it could be a random fake number that is not 1 :D

Lol...Yeah how about 276 as the comment number That will make things look active!

Glad to hear your year has been better than mine, someone's had to be!

well, i had 0 visits to the hospital this year, so what ever else happened... health first, everything else will come.

the number should be random, but not smaller than 5 :D

I say it routinely. I feel guilty because I've had such a good 2020 when everybody else is turned completely to shit.

Don't worry about it. I don't feel that guilty.

It's good you've had a good one, many here have also. Pensioners got more money for free and their MO wasn't too inhibited. Unemployed got double payments so them too.

2020 has been bad for me for other reasons though, not just pandemic situations. I don't need to go into it here as you already know.

Good that you have been good though, no guilt required.

Yeah, I get that the pandemic wasn't your major concern this year, too.

But hey! I am +8 siblings for the year. Not many people can say that :)

And the best part? It's all new enough that I haven't had to look at any of the normal family warts that we all have to deal with...

Oh, Shit. I just thought of a downside. I'm going to have to send Christmas Cards for the first time in YEARS.