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RE: The Power of GIS in our Changing World

Oh, Lizelle! What a seriously good article. That is just beauty.

I'm no cartographer but I do love maps of all sorts. I have a two maps of the US on my living room walls. One is the official USHighway department map of the Scenic Byways in the US and the other is shaded by using road density. It's a bit different than a population map would be.

The two sources you provided alone were worth more than the price of admission! Thank you!


I'm really hooked on maps as well and stil like the feel of a real hard copy as opposed to looking at it online.
One benefit of reading a GIS Map online is that as you zoom in, more layers of data become visible so it is better jn that respect!
So glad you enjoyed it bigtom13, thankyouforthelovelycomments!