Bringing the less Tech-savvy up to Speed...

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In this new era of mostly internet communication and lots of things requiring contact and stuff over the internet... it is party time for malicious actors who will take the opportunity to take advantage of the confusion and chaos (and the relative lax security of home networks and users) to get some nice goodies that were previously hiding behind more secure corporate networks... now, you might think that you are just an ordinary internet user... with little of interest to anyone... however, that isn't the case. Everyone has a use... even if it is as a stepping stone to a more interesting account!

My wife is pretty technology illterate... I have made her use password managers and two factor authorisations over her constant grumbling about how annoying it is and how it really screws everything up! Of course, I can only tell her that the password managers are doing what she tells it to do... and that you need to READ the question that it asks you!

So, the next couple of days are going to be a crash course of bringing her up to speed on how to create new accounts with decent passwords and all the rest of that (she already had them, but I normally did it for her).

Case in point.... her yoga class has now moved online... but she never used her online yoga account (tracking payments and lesson times and stuff like that)... so, she never realised that she had changed and saved several different username/password combinations for the account... the funniest of which I saw was this password! For reference, that is NOT the obscured password... that was one of the password options... which she must have cut and pasted from the obscured password field!

Sigh... I'm hoping that I can do this relatively quickly... and painlessly... if I don't report in, it isn't likely that Coronavirus got me... but my wife killing me after I say something stupid!

Funny stuff aside... be safe on the internet these days, I think that we are going to really see more people try their hand at internet naughty stuff... Password manager, 2FA (Google Authenticator, symmetric secret shared, so you need to write this down)... if you don't know how to do it, try it on an account that you don't care about if you accidentally lock yourself temporarily out of.

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