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Hey Uncle G, Hivefest sounds like fun. I missed the signup deadline for this year, hopefully, I can attend next year. Also, where are yourhands? My Saturday was also kind of eventful.

My elder brother is the Chess coach of Bayelsa state, and he organises monthly tournaments. It is a rapid chess tournament, with games lasting 10 minutes, 3seconds(using Fisher time). I was the arbiter in charge of handling the computer stuff; My work was to organise the list of players, handle the pairings and upload everything to an international chess server that records the matches for ratings.

The price reward for the tournament is small but it attracts internationally rated players because first of all, they could get rating points through the matches, they will play against each other to improve the chess community in Nigeria as a whole and there's also the social appeal of it.

The tournament had 48 attendees, and while the computer automatically does the pairing, I had to do all that clickity clicking to make it work. I also had to learn how to use one cloud-based chess software that uploads data; I think the name of the software is Swiss chess manager or something like that. It syncs with and then all the magic happens in the cloud.

For me, it was just nice to be in that environment and watch all them geniuses go at it. It was also stressful to learn and then work under self-inflicted pressure because I didn't want to screw everything up due to my lack of understanding of the software. Overall, I'd say it was a pretty good Saturday until I watched Arsenal pull another stinker against Everton a moment ago.


That sounds like a bit of fun, the tournament, and a much better way to spend time than many other things I could think of. Well done for helping out your brother and I guess the thing for you is you learned something new which is always valuable - Maybe not the thing, but the learning process.

Yeah. I'm just happy I got to learn and use the software today

Being content is a nice feeling.