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RE: The first time Saturday

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Glad you had a good 2649th Saturday, I of course had to look, so you were born pretty close to a Friday the 13th. I would guess you are not to superstitious but probably like the number thirteen. Maybe that was why things went so well for you in the VR world while some had a few minor issues.

Hope it all works as well for you in a few more hours for day two. I did listen to one presentation the one from Jarvie about PeakD, seems like some changes in the pipe line. I did play with the new chat system when Asgarth brought that out. A pretty good group I had a few issues with the chat launch and the team had it all fixed and usable for me in just a short time.


Close, Tuesday 10th, equally fateful as the 13th as I was spawned. :)

Oh yeah, there's a bit going on over there with Peakd, doing some good things. I wanted to thank jarvie for their work personally but didn't get a chance to do so. They are always helpful and quick responders when problems come up and I, along with most others, appreciate it. I tried to test their chat feature but bigtom13 didn't respond so I don't know if it worked or not.