Synopsis of Theoretical Postulations of Imaginary Substance

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Well, my friends... welcome to another bit of nonsensical, intellectually, inspired work of little importance.

I've taken a great deal of time (Approx. ten days) giving deep thought to a subject for my next enthusiastically received article here on the Hive blockchain and came up with THIS.

Tomorrow, Begins a New Cycle of Time

This is true, even though 'time' is a mere construct of mortal consciousness, embedded deep within the single minds of simplistic, humanistic, creatures residing upon this Earthly plane of existence.

In reality... "time" encompasses the whole of past, present and future, culminating in abstract, aggregate of infinite sensory perception.

Therefore, it is theoretically impossible to effectively, differentiate between any true measure of time, which fails to exist within Universal consciousness.

Acceptance of selective measure in accordance with mortal construct, serves solely to further imprison the grievous soul, within a deep, dark dungeon of self-imposed entanglement.

This concept is no better explained, than by Professor Seymour Onick of the prestigious 'Institute of Detroit's Integrated, Obtuse Technologies' (IDIOT) with his quote:

"Time and time, again... I find that I have no time to worry about the passage of time, when time seems of the essence and my time may almost be up."

Time for me to say goodbye. Thanks for taking the time to read this. Till next time...

Happy 'New' Year



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You are right you know? At least, I agree with you. Time is a concept - a mere construct of the mortal's inadequate consciousness and intellect. And in that respect, tomorrow is just an extention of today. So you get the same shit, but different day and in this case, a different year. Same shit, different day, different year! 😂😎
And on that note, let me wish you a Happy New Year! Cheers! 🥂😊

Hi @quotes-haven, I'm glad that you noticed some potential truth hidden within my humor😎

Thanks for adding your thoughts of support. Have a wonderful New Year celebration, in whatever way you choose.

I will have you know, I am not as stupid as I look. No one can. 😎

All Life are but perceptions and conceptions. Hence, the Life as we know is but an illusion. 🙏 What do you say to that? I would be interested to know.

No celebrations! New Year's Eve are mostly non-events. But thank you anyway!

Take care, keep safe! Be the reasone someone smiles, or drinks. Whatever works. 😎

Oh @quotes-haven ... You certainly don't look "stupid" to me...and, you sound smart too😎

😀🙏You are too kind. 😊

Hi angryman,

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Thanks @Curie ... much appreciated😎

Think of time as a cup. It allows you to sip experience in mouthfuls, rather than drowning in it ... me


Happy New Year:)

An interesting analogy you have there @prydefoltz and worth pondering😎
Thanks for reading my post and taking the time to comment, with your thoughts.

Happy New Year to you as well.