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Some weeks ago, on the stony slope, in the coastal area about 20 kilometers from my hometown, I found this pale orchid ...


... that didn't look like any other orchid here in my area. I didn't know the name of the species, but it was clear that it is some kind of orchid ... only today, when I decided to make a post out of this find, after a relatively short Internet search, I found out ...


... that this is the Orchis pauciflora, commonly known as the Sparse flowered orchid. This species prefers dry, stony habitats ... so this pretty harsh coastal slope, sparsely covered with short grass and resilient shrubs, met all the requirements.


This is a Mediterranean species, found in Europe from Italy to Greece and in some places in North Africa.
As always in these posts on HIVE, the photographs are my work.


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Thank you

Thanks for sharing that Orchis pauciflora aka Sparse flowered orchid! I've never seen one!

I saw it for the first time as well ... there is always something new to discover :)

They are pretty!
I hope to see orchids in the wild!

Interesting species. It may be called the Sparse flowered Orchid, But those flowers Rock! Great photos of the tiny gal's. Look at it tucked in and under those other plants.. she looks quite happy in her current location 😁

Thanks for contributing this inside of the Orchid Lover's Community 😊

Thank you :)

Technology helps us a lot, you found information quickly, in ancient times I suppose you would still be scrutinizing several books, life transforms and we with it, such a beautiful flower is born in such an inhospitable place, the nature is great

True, :) finding the information it's much easier now.

Beautiful plant. I think many indoor orchids cannot be compared to this wild one in beauty.

Yes, many small wild flower have incredible shapes and details when seen in macro ... and because they are small, the petals are thin, there is more translucency and light often creates some incredible effects on them.