Building 7: The TRUTH Cut 2.0 by 9/11 Revisionist

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In this video I have uploaded a condensed version of the earlier epic video by fellow researcher 9/11 Revisionist on the real truth of Building 7, which was it got DEW'ed. This version focuses on the lack of noise and seismic signal in the building's destruction, both of which debunk the mainstream fire collapse, and alt-media explosive demolition. Building 7, as with the other 6 buildings (not just the Twin Towers), were turned mainly to dust using advanced directed energy or cold-DEW technology. Lieutenant colonel Thomas Bearden in the 1980s discussed the extraction of energy at a distance or electromagnetic implosion, which are said to be akin to "cold explosions". I included a comparison of WTC 1, 2, and 7 turning to dust and they do indeed appear to be undergoing such "cold explosions", in other words, the loss of energy that gives the buildings their rigid strength.

Also included in this edit is Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth (AE911Truth) disinfo agent David Chandler being laughed at for pretending to not know how to read Seismic charts, and Taylor Swift's concert had the same Seismic reading at the 500,000 ton WTC 1 North Tower!

Note that this shortened version was sent to me by 9/11 Revisionist but after I added more edits, he liked my version better!

The links to the original version, Thomas Bearden's scalar waves video, and 9/11 Revisionist's Substack are shown below:

The timestamps of key parts of the video are listed below:

  • Epic music introduction: 0:00
  • Mainstream narrative believer Edward Current debunking explosive demolition: 0:21
  • Fake WTC 7 explosives hoax video: 0:53
  • Real explosive demolition is very loud: 1:34
  • Building 7's fall is very quiet: 2:05
  • 9/11 Revisionist asking AE911Truth disinfo agents David Chandler and Richard Gage about seismic readings: 3:19
  • "I'm not a Seismologist" LOL😂: 3:47
  • Dr. Judy Wood on the very small seismic signals of building 7: 3:57
  • Seismic readings: WTC vs Taylor Swift concert: 4:29
  • Links for more information: 4:41
  • Lt. Col. Thomas Bearden: Scalar weapons, cold explosions: 4:50
  • WTC 1, 2, 7 turning to dust: electromagnetic implosions?: 5:22

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This should be in the deepdives community.

Excellent work!