✈️#911Truth Part 9: North & South Towers Literally Turning to Dust (Fast Forward 45X Speed)

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In #911Truth Part 9 I present another fast forwarded video of the World Trade Center Towers turning to dust before our very eyes, and this time it involves both the WTC 1 North Tower and WTC 2 South Tower. The video clip is from the time frame 8:46: 28 AM (about 3 minutes AFTER the first “plane” struck the North Tower) to 10:23:10 AM (about 5 minutes BEFORE the North Tower “Collapses”). Note that I have put “plane” and “collapses” in quotation marks because Aluminum “Planes” don’t magically penetrate (and vanish) through thick steel columns; and a tall sky scraper frothing up into a giant dust ball/vertical column that leaves very little rubble, very little seismic reading, and very little projectiles , is anything BUT a conventional “collapse”. I have fast forwarded nearly the entire video by 45X speed to make the original 1:33:56 video length into a short 2:52 minute video. I have kept the alleged “plane” impact and the South Tower “collapse” to normal speed to better see these key moments of the video.

This is a truly amazing video showing a continuous stream of thick grey dust pouring out of both the North and South Towers. Initially the dust is mostly powering out of the North “Hole” and moving upwards before moving leftwards (presumably by the wind… or other energy/field effects…). At about the 20 “second” mark or 9:03 AM, the “plane” strikes the South Tower. The impact is followed by a very large explosion that is seen through the complete OPPOSITE side of from the impact side. The explosion cloud quickly moves upwards and then fades away from sight. Now both towers are pouring thick dust from their “holes”. The impact hole of the South Tower was lower than the North Tower hole, and the dust coming out of the South Hole is very interestingly moving PERFECTLY VERTICAL upwards before reaching the top of the tower and then moving leftwards…. Very interesting… Especially since later in the video dust is pouring out of the North Tower’s left side… and moving leftwards instead of initially only upwards.... Let me know your thoughts as to what is happening here!

At the 2:00 “minute” mark or 9:59 AM the South Tower “collapses” into a GIANT frothing dust cloud/ball that moves downwards and shows NO SIGNS of being made up of anything besides thick dust; suggesting the near hour of “dustification” literally turned most of the tower’s insides into dust.... Soon after the South Tower completely "dustifies", the North Tower LITERALLY starts pouring thick dust across the ENTIRE left side, as if it was literally being sucked out from within. Unfortunately, the video cuts off a few minutes before the North Tower too turns into a giant dust cloud. But fortunately you can see the North Tower's "collapse" in my Part 8 video.

Afterwards it appears that another building (i.e. one of the 7 WTC Towers that turned to dust that day), begins "dustifying" at the 2:40 minute mark and can be spotted to the right of the North Tower by the darker dust suddenly rising. Another instance of a seemingly other building turning to dust is at the 2:48 minute mark in which another large volume of thick dark dust rises above the halfway height of the North Tower, and from its right side.

This is an absolutely shocking and very illuminating video as to what exactly happened on September 11, 2001. As explained in my earlier parts and by Dr. Judy Wood, an energy/field phenomenon and technology was deployed that literally can molecularly separate matter and at a distance. This very same technology could be used for #FreeEnergy, as well as freeing our current reality and true human consciousness.

Watch the original length video:

Stay Tuned for #911Truth Part 10….

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In #911Truth Part 9, I continue the trend of fast forwarding WTC videos and this time present a video that clearly shows both the North and South Twin Towers turning to dust before our very eyes…

Watch the original length video here: