✈️#911Truth Part 20: Feature Trailer: 9/11 The Essential Guide

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In #911Truth Part 20, I have uploaded the first part of an anonymous documentary series that was mailed to Andrew Johnson from CheckTheEvidence.com with the goal of sharing far and wide. The documentary series consists of 3 parts and are listed below.

9/11 The Essential Guide
9/11 Liars for Truth (I will upload on September 7th)
9/11 Observable Evidence (I will upload on September 11th)

Original article link and anonymous authors' letter: https://www.checktheevidence.com/wordpress/2021/12/27/9-11-liars-for-truth-what-happened-on-9-11-and-how-it-was-covered-up/

The video series in their original quality can be downloaded here: https://tinyurl.com/911observableevidence

Both the first and second parts are shortened versions of the third part, which is the full 10-hour documentary. The first part, 9/11 The Essential Guide, can be seen as a trailer or mini-documentary and is a condensed version of the full documentary. The second part, 9/11 Liars for Truth, goes over the controlled opposition crew employed to keep the lid on the truth of 9/11, which is evidence of directed free energy technology. I will upload the second part on September 7th and the full documentary on September 11th of this year.

This documentary series packages and presents the evidence on 9/11 in a unique way designed to appeal to “normies” and “casual truthers”, as the anonymous authors state. In this regard, they do a great job, especially in showing how the “Truth Movement” is being steered by liars that mimic mainstream media propaganda techniques.

Stay tuned for #911Truth Part 21...

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Letter from the Anonymous Authors

The documentary series authors include a letter when they mailed the DVDs of the series to Andrew Johnson. The full letter can be read here: https://www.checktheevidence.com/wordpress/2021/12/27/9-11-liars-for-truth-what-happened-on-9-11-and-how-it-was-covered-up/

For reference, and for censorship resistance on the Hive blockchain, I have included the letter in full below.

Dear Andrew,

Hope this finds you well. Merry Xmas and to celebrate here’s some ginormous documentaries on 911 and the corona bollocks.

If you like them and want to help spread the love please pass them around. We cannot promote them at the moment due to all sorts of horrendous circumstances, but obviously time is of the essence (at least with the corona stuff) and there’s so little quality content out there it feels criminal not to set these videos free immediately!

Ideally, we would love for them to just ‘circulate’ and for random people to start uploading them to the web and nobody would really knows where they came from … kind of like the monoliths in 2001 🙂

This also denies any opportunity for character assassination and other distractions. There is nothing new or ground-breaking in any of the videos (they’re closer to art than journalism). They are basically just a repackaging of existing content and information. Their main selling point is that they have been put together with great care, and are designed to appeal to normies (and casual truthers), and to explain things in a way that’s both clear and entertaining, and more watchable than the TV. That’s the idea at least.

Obviously, everyone thinks their documentaries are going to change the world, and this rarely happens. But these videos might be different enough in style and format to at least wake up a whole new demographic who so far have turned their noses up at alternative content. A great effort has been made to avoid anything too ‘far out’ or ‘left brained’ that triggers university educated normies and gives them an excuse to stop watching. These videos are extremely down to earth and non-sensational (while at the same time delivering mind blowing information). There’s also lots of repetition and call backs, the idea being to join up the pathways in the brain and develop a more coherent and stable knowledge base that can then be built upon (kind of like learning to drive a car, or play the piano). On top of all that there’s lots of humour and silliness (not so much in the 911 videos) to keep the vibes light and make you want to keep watching.

Bottom line: at this stage in the game anything is worth a try. Also, as the covid narrative crumbles there is the danger they will bring in a completely NEW distraction (cyber pandemic etc) to consume everybody’s attention and make covid and the injections ‘old news’ (while still continuing to push them).

So if you can help spread the love, that would be awesome. If you just want to watch them that’s fine too. No pressure (other than the imminent extinction of the human race, of course). Maybe RDH might like to do something with them? Whatever you do, please don’t jeopardise your own YouTube channel or website (ditto for anyone else). Obviously it’s all free (it’s full of borrowed content after all). But feel free to sell DVDs/ USBs at events if you want (to cover costs etc).

I know you hate anonymity, but these are crazy times. Sorry. The videos speak for themselves. They really do. When this is over we must all get together. If it does all fall apart (and god knows the corona bouncy castle has lost a lot of its bounce, despite the overheating generator in the background) I think it might be ‘over’ very suddenly. Whatever mayhem follows a ‘collapse of the narrative’, it will be a welcome relief from this unbearable Twilight Zone un-reality. The covid spell seems to be hanging over the nation like a giant soap bubble … impressive and domineering …….. but we all know what happens to giant soap bubbles in the end. Can it really sustain more than a few more months????

One good thing about normies is that they are much less jaded and much more entitled than ‘seasoned truth seekers’ who (ironically) seem to have just accepted that the world is a slavery system and everything is corrupt (after years and years of banging their heads against a brick wall). It might actually be the millions of normies who believe in the system (and have invested heavily in it), who end up being the most significant agents of change, once they figure out it’s all a scam which has killed/ injured their loved ones. This is why it’s so important to give them decent information (and lessons in critical thinking) so they don’t get pulled into any limited hangout funny business. This is another reason why it’s so important to wake these people up.

Anyway, there some more notes in the folders. Whatever you decide to do with these videos, just know that it’s ALL YOUR FAULT (and Dr JW and RDH) for being so inspirational with your ‘level headed approach’ and ‘adherence to the evidence’. It’s like a curse! 😉 x

View the full #911Truth series: https://peakd.com/truth/@mes/911


In #911Truth Part 20 I have uploaded “9/11 The Essential Guide”, which is a 1-hour trailer for a 10-hour documentary titled “9/11 Observable Evidence”. I will upload the full documentary on September 11.

The documentary was produced by anonymous authors and sent to Andrew Johnson: https://www.checktheevidence.com/wordpress/2021/12/27/9-11-liars-for-truth-what-happened-on-9-11-and-how-it-was-covered-up/

View my full #911Truth video series: https://peakd.com/truth/@mes/911