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SPK 2213.png

Hello to all the hives, this time I bring you my little proposal for the SPK TOKEN contest, and precisely my entry is the achievement for this project in general, remember that this project includes several tokens, which will be used in the governance of the project , something very interesting since with this initiative the use of 3speak could be massified since it is being planned to incorporate nodes for the encoding of videos as well as the access of advertisers as it happens on youtube, this would be a great advance since we would be combining the centralized power of a company that charges for its ads and distributes profits decentralized as Hive and 3speak do.

Stay tuned for this project because in the future this will result in 3speak and skp network facing the big youtube, facebook and twich.

Logo Inspiration

As I read the Whiter paper from top to bottom, I understood that this project seeks to create nodes to perform video encoding and other more advanced tasks for 3speak in a process that could be said to be mining while encoding a video or while it is being uploaded. so I decided to use the typical use of Node connections that we see everywhere since the project focuses on encouraging the creation of nodes by the community.


It should be noted that I use a program called Inskape and I use the Linux operating system, specifically Ubuntu 21.10

As you can see the process of creating Vectors in this program is not very intuitive but I manage to cut the parts of the logo that I need with an option called division, in which I need to use 2 vector figures and place one on top of the other and then select both so that the image below is cropped in the shape of the one above, something like that.

  • Step 1 place two equal images on top of each other and then divide.


2- This is how the vector would look.


and in this way I am cutting vectorial images made with simple Figures and I am creating each one of the parts.

  • As you can see here, using the vector image, I copy it twice to cut out the vector in the shape of a play

Captura de pantalla_2022-04-08_13-36-21.png

  • When dividing it is like this.


I will apply the same in the other image above, what I am looking for is to separate the PLAY vector from the circles that it has around it but without losing it because I am going to use them later.

  • Next I will add a circle and divide it also to keep the circular contours.

Captura de pantalla_2022-04-08_13-38-10.png

  • and it stays like this

Captura de pantalla_2022-04-08_13-38-35.png

  • I'll paint it black

Captura de pantalla_2022-04-08_13-38-45.png

  • Now I will join the parts. To see how the whole assembly is going, it should be noted that I have done everything with parts of free vectors except the letters that I have written directly in the program.

  • This is how the matter remains.

Captura de pantalla_2022-04-08_13-39-15.png

  • I add the other contour that I have made with the same previous process.

Captura de pantalla_2022-04-08_13-39-30.png

  • I will upload the letters to see how it looks.

Captura de pantalla_2022-04-08_13-39-51.png

  • I will also place it black so that everything can be put together.

Captura de pantalla_2022-04-08_13-41-08.png

  • I will add something important to the logo and it is the word NETWORK and I will place a distinctive background to see how it looks with various background colors because I see that the SPK NETWORK website has a dark background and it is important that the logo works correctly in those kind of colors.


  • Highlight that the background of the logo in the form of Audio Players is the same image that I use in the letter P but smaller and the connections are a vector of connections that I created from scratch.

SPK 223.png

And so concludes my participation for this Contest to finish a final image with the other Hive projects for me if it fits the theme of the Salud2 projects


Here the circular version bye

SPK 2213.png


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Hello @torrealba2719!

Nice logo!

Just as observation. The contest is for the SPK token logo, not for SPK Network, we already have a logo for SPK Network.


ups pensaba que era el logo de spk Network, varios an agregado la palabra network seguro tenían la misma confucion que yo

Sí jejeje, hay varios que han tenido la confusión, creo que ya le comenté a todos y agregué una nota en el post del concurso.