Happy Forkday to the Hive Community

in Hive Governance10 months ago

It's been two years since, on March 20, 2020, our community decided to take its destiny into its own hands and move away from the Steem blockchain centralized database whose name shall not be said anymore.

Two years later, we can confidently say that it was the right choice. Our blockchain and its community have never been so active. The values that are so important to us, such as decentralization, freedom of expression and being free from censorship, have been the fuel of our movement.

The number of blockchain users has exploded thanks to the success of Splinterlands. Developments, both at the blockchain core level and at the applications level have continued without interruption and every week we see new projects appear. New front-ends, new apps, new services, ... our community is buzzing like crazy!

Our blockchain is a revolutionary combination of technical, financial and social aspects. Many enthusiasts have joined the adventure: developers, bloggers, investors ... Some have joined us recently but others have been there from the start, and they are still here.

We have many good reasons to celebrate our success today.

I am delighted to be part of this community, to participate in its development and to share with you all, early adopters and pioneers who are still with us, newcomers who join us to discover and share this experience, those values that are so important to me.

I wish you all a Happy Forkday!

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It is definitely something to celebrate. We have come a long way to develop this version into a bright future with lots of potential. Glad we are no longer drowning in a doomed Blockchain that was constantly selling out. I really feel like we are in safe hands now. Visiting Hive to post and reward others is so much more enjoyable nowadays. Haven't seen a flag war over shady reward arguments in a long time. Is the experiment working?

I really feel like we are in safe hands now.

I completely agree with that. This is also my feeling.

Is the experiment working?

Future will tell.

Happy Forkday @creativetruth 🎉🎂

Just like yesterday... I remember all the doubts, uncertainties and frustration, it kind of looked like it could not be done. I've been here since 2017, I wasn't really active during all the Chaos but I was happy with the decision to leave the old Blockchain. When I was ready to be active again in early 2021 it was here I pitched my tent. It's been going great so far and the future is definitely bright!

Happy forkday to you too.

Chaos is sometimes a beneficial thing and often a necessary passage towards more serenity.
I never regretted the abandonment of the previous "blockchain", especially after being completely censored there.
Happy Forkday @nevies 🎉🎂

The number of blockchain users has exploded thanks to the success of Splinterlands.

Which used to be so much better in the past. I am here since 2017.05.17. I am playing Steem Monsters/Splinterlands since 2018.12.30. Nowadays you need luck to receive reward cards. Even in the higher tiers. They were completely natural and obvious in the past. Even in the lowest tiers. I still remember receiving at least one reward card (sometimes even more reward cards) per day for completing the daily quests.

Nowadays I rarely play Splinterlands

I hope that there will be more good (and real) video games on the Hive blockchain. It has huge potential. We need good game developers.

For example the @psyberx looks very promising.

Happy Forkday!

Have a nice day and have a nice weekend.
All the best. Greetings and much love from Hungary.

hich used to be so much better in the pas [...] Nowadays you need luck to receive reward cards.

Isn't this all more related to the internal rules of Splinterlands, and not to the Hive blockchain itself?
That being said, more games on Hive can only be a good thing.

Happy Forkday @xplosive 🎂

Isn't this all more related to the internal rules of Splinterlands, and not to the Hive blockchain itself?

Yes, of course, but it also affects the Hive blockchain. There are people, who use their Hive accounts just/only to play Splinterlands. So less active Splinterlands players could easily lead to less active Hive blockchain users.

Good point

For all the scarcity are the cards atleast worth more now?

Older (especially the alpha and the beta) cards indeed worth more than a few years ago, but the value of the newer cards fell a lot since the introduction of the Chaos Legion.

Hmm. Something really has to be done, when scarcity doesn't mean value it's really messed up. You mean even the newer cards are scarce and lesser in value?

Quite the opposite. There are cards with more than 150 000 cards in circulating supply. The supply is much more than the demand. This is why their value is low. And a large part of the supply is in the hands of the same people. Very similarly to the real world. The "selected few" are rich, the rest are poor. The middle class is almost non-existent. Many people play the game daily to get a few alchemy and legendary potions, instead of reward cards. I read in the recent past that there will be changes in the reward system. Hopefully those changes will be in the benefit of the players.

Hopefully. I think one can almost bank on the fact that the team would keep tweaking things to make things better.

Happy forkday everyone!

Happy Forkday @acidyo 🎉

Das feiern wir mit !BEER und !WINE obwohl ich anfangs kein Fan dieses Forks war. Dennoch hab ich es gelernt dass sich eine freie Community besser entwickelt!!!

Ja, mit unserer Freiheit gehen immer mehr Entwicklungen einher. Und was die alte Blockchain betrifft, ist sie seit der Hardfork ins Stocken geraten. Keine Entwicklung, auch nur geringfügig.

Ja es ist wahr. Das einzige was steemit zu sammen gebracht hat war das es zu jedem Steem auch tron gibt.

Die curatoren haben sich auf Communitys beschränkt. Und für 50 Cent dort zu bloggen motiviert nicht unbedingt...

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Beautiful this article, I use this platform so much that it seems incredible to me that it has only been in existence for two years. in these two years we have seen that the developers have never stopped.

The platform itself has been around longer (six years in a few days).
The past two years have marked a major turning point for our community. I'm glad you're part of it and you're happy with it.

Yes the time has literally flown!
Happy Forkday to You!

Happy Forkday @lesmann! 🎉🎂

It has already passed two years, time flights !!

Yes, time flights. We all already feel like oldies here 😂

We definitely have si many reasons to celebrate and am happy to be part of it.

Happy forkday

Happy forkday @emeka4 🎂

yep, it all worked out in the end :)

Are we already at the end? 🤔

haha, you are right... hope not!

Happy forkday
A victory against dictatorship.

Happy Forkday @mxm0unite 🎂🎉

Happy fork day mr arcange

Happy Forkday @mistakili 🎉🎉

Happy Forkday! Have read the history of this and didn't realise Hive went through so much to become what it is today!

Happy Forkday @relf87! 🎉🎂

Happy Forkday!

Wow already 2 Years... can't believe it. Lets Goooo!

Happy Forkday @louis88 🎉🎉 !BEER

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Yes, Happy Forkday for all of you.

Happy Forkday @semarekha 🎉

Happy ForkDay to all of us! :)

Happy Forkday @katerinaramm 🎂🎉

most projects fail after one year so to hit a 2 year milestone is no small achievement and i can't wait to see the long term goals to be achieved in the coming years

Heres to 20 more years at least :D

See you in 20 years then 👴
Happy Forkday @dadspardan

Bang, I did it again... I just rehived your post!
Week 97 of my contest just started...you can now check the winners of the previous week!

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Please help, why is my user account ignored on engage?

Support for Engage is provided on Discord

I tried but not works bei me in discord, i will try later again. Problem solved for now it was working again. Thanks a lot, have a nice Sunday.

Haha! I just tweeted this! Congratulations guys. The best crypto community in the world. ❤️‍🔥

I've been doing my thing for a couple of months of PeakD now - and love the platform. Glad to see the hard work and dedication of so many paying off, that they have created something really wonderful for others to be welcomed into.

Thanks to everyone.

Thank you @lordtimoty