Future Generations (kids using technology part-2)

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In the earlier post I have mentioned about the technology used by kids, I want to share my thoughts on the same "wether technology is good for kids?" I know mobile phones are most important electronic gadgets used in our daily life. But is it good if our kids use it?

As per my openion, the kids should not use the devices at very early age, it might be harmful to their eyes, ears and mental health. Now-a-days, a 2 year kid have started using the mobile phones which is letting them know everything about good or bad mobile features and parents are thinking that the kid is being smart that he started using a device.


I know this is not same with all the parents, few parents does not want to give mobile to kids, but they have to give after so many things being digital in our country, even the education. Online education has became a part of our life now for all age groups, even after the lockdown they have started getting the notes on mobile. Which has its own advantages and disadvantages.


Disadvantages of online education
1. Less focus on studies: Kid while taking online classes or writing notes from phone, Start using other things like playing games or watching some videos.

2. Watching inappropriate things: sometimes kids start using personal things, and the may start watching adult content.

3. Costs more: some families have only one smart phone at their home, which they cannot give to kids, they might take that out also during their study time.

4. Lack of interest in other activities: kid may want to play alone instead of playing with friends. He can learn al lot of good activities if he play with his age groups.

Let me know hive users if you have different thoughts, stay connected. Happy reading 😊

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