Apple's Out of Control: Massive Surveillance

in Informationwarlast year

If you have an iPhone, throw it away. I need to as well. These phones track everything we do while scanning our data. As soon as we agreed to the terms and conditions, they locked us into their tyranny. Watch the video for a clear understanding from Rob Braxman, a security expert.





Apple believes in mass surveillance so they created a phone that tracks everything people do.

On the bright side, Apple also believes in planned obsolescence. So all of these surveillance devices are designed so that they throw themselves away. The solution is to simply not buy Apple when your current phone reaches its planned expiration date.

Agree. I am now looking for a new phone. But you also have to wipe the OS of any andriod in order to remove all of Google tracking. It's a catch 22, but with iPhones you cant do anything.

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