Widespread Internet and Communications Shutdown - Be Prepared - January 17th, 2022 (50:01)

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Warm greetings all. πŸ™ πŸ’š

I just finished listening to this fantastic, almost hour-long (50:01) interview between Sarah Westfall and Daniel Satchkov (The founder of Bastyon/Pocketnet), on the various weak points by which centralized platforms can be censored or removed, and why and how Bastyon has worked to counter these potential points of attack and failure.

I've been on Bastyon (then Pocketnet) since February 4, 2020, and have very much appreciated, supported, and engaged on this rapidly-growing, open-source, non-corporate, decentralized, blockchain-based platform. In a recent post I mentioned that, while I love Bastyon, the recent batch of growing-pain sort of bugs have made the platform only partially function for me, hence me taking a hiatus for a bit. Bastyon is a truly amazing and very worthwhile project, and I will still do my best to support and help it grow, though for the now, Hive has captivated my attention to a remarkable degree, and for many of the same reasons I love Bastyon, along with quite a bit more that does not yet exist on that nascent platform.

From my perspective, being on multiple censorship-resistant platforms is a very good idea. I also think that cooperation, mutual support, interconnection, sharing/cross-fertilization, and interoperability between different, yet similar platforms, like Hive and Bastyon, for example, is and would be, a very good thing for both, and for us as those who engage on them. Image, as a quick example, if we (and Bastyon) had a very quick and easy way of exchanging Hive/HBD/Hive-Engine Tokens with Pkoin. That'd be pretty bloody cool if you ask me.

The means of countering censorship and deplatforming used by the Bastyon team could also, perhaps, help Hive gain more resilience in the face of such formidable challenges. That is only one of the reasons that communication and exchange between such new-paradigm platforms as Hive and Bastyon could potentially be so incredibly mutually beneficial for both.

If, perhaps, you're not yet on Bastyon, and would like to be, then you could either use Sarah Westall's referral link at the bottom of her video, or my own referral link.

We truly are all in this together! πŸ™πŸ’š

Widespread Internet and Communications Shutdown - Be Prepared -
January 17th, 2022 - On Odysee