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RE: PET PEEVE: TLDR, You said too much, I'm not going to read that but I will still comment

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mhhh, so let me start by saying I get your point in both cases. The TLDR one is just rudeness and also not trying to understand but just communicating 'I dont understand' without any hint in where the confusion is coming from is also prty rude. We all like to communicate, but before we do that we should put some effort into using our brains.

On the other hand I remember your old posts that were sometimes easily four DIN A4 pages printed out. You know I live to comment and debate but I always had the problem that I wanted to ask questions or add something in he beginning but wasnt sure you might still get to that point. So I read the whole post before I comment, but I already forgot most of what I wanted to say in the beginning.

But like you said it is your style and it seems to have a lot of fans. My style of rather short posts that are often meant to offend and inspire discussion are not often met with positive resonance :)


You know a technique for mine that might work for you. If you think of something you want to ask. Start the reply. go back and continue reading. Add to your reply as you think of something.

I have done the exact thing, but it really disturbed my flow both in reading and in writing the reply, also that frustrating moment when the author actually does go into the topic you also wanted to bring up in your reply and then you have to change your reply... I dont read too many long posts nowadays, but for you I might come up with a new technique: I have two monitors now, I can just have notepad open on the side an make me some short notes that I put together for a reply in the end. The mysterious hidden art of taking notes!

Heh... I am not going to harass you for a disjointed reply. Yet I understand someone saying "you should do this" because I am told that often about how I write. It doesn't work for me. I basically end up thinking "Sure right after I remove my head and transplant yours".

I totally get that. Like I said my style is discussion, I dont like to do monologs. However this doesn't work without people like you, ergo I had a pretty huge writers block when I cam back and you were gone... It is hard for me to just pick an idea and then dive deep into it like you do, if anything I envy you.