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RE: Isn't it a little scary how we take what the "authorities" tell us for granted as being the truth even in the face of catching them frequently in lies... Can we break the conditioning?

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As I am new on hive feel free to redirect me with a link if this is old news. What is triggering the gangstalking bot? any post I've done that touches on greatreset has been hit with downvotes too.
Is it just a malicious bit of runaway code? or under direction?


That gangstalking bot is new. It is not downvoting. It is simply commenting everytime you update a post. It seems to be queued to certain tags. I don't know which ones. Just ignore it. It artificially makes your posts look like they are more active with comments than the actually are... especially if you tend to edit and update your posts a lot like I sometimes do.

I don't know anything about it other than the observations I shared above. Other than cluttering up the comment section it seems like something not negative.

I noticed it just leaves the broken hearts there, ignore it I shall. many thx, sorry if its a dumb newbie question.

I don't consider any question dumb unless it is the same question asked by the same person over and over again.