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RE: We can fix the insanity of climate change, but should we?

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We are in the tribulation (where we are today, IMHO) where Satan must rule for a day. This does Not mean we lack what we need, but rather policies deny us these resources! The current energy crisis is a direct result of joe biden's stopping the keystone pipeline, and shutting down all drilling leases. So the commodity is here, but deliberately rendered unavailable. The end of time occurs at the second coming, the inverse is that the world is functioning until then. The reduction in resources will be similar to the energy problems we are facing today, being policy related.

This is one post on population reduction:
There are many references on a search, I was surprised that the kill rate increased ten percent since the last time I looked!

I agree that chaos is a ladder, but added to that...chaos is a planned policy! The problems we are facing are deliberate, to bring anarchy to our streets!

China has been under the Dragon's control for millennia, so we can expect nothing but focussed evil from them!

The green deal has been swallowed in Europe, and is destroying the entirely. Farmers are not allowed to plant, to reduce nitrogen residue in the soil. There is no science behind this goal, and entire countries starve to try to reach it! Again planning and policy, focussed on killing the majority of the world's population.

There is another foot in the door. If parents allow their children to be gender changed, these drugs are also used for chemical castration. There won't be another generation that way, and they did it to their own children!

All the conditions you list are dead on, and a direct result of policies from politicians who want 8 out of 10 people dead! It is, sadly, planned to do exactly what you pointed out....



I haven't heard of a plan to reduce nitrogen in the soil. In my experience, when farmers are 'paid not to grow' it is because there is a surplus of the crop and they want to keep the price of that crop at a certain level.

That is how it began, but now they are paying during a shortage situation, because there is no way to distribute the produce anyway.

With the fertilizer cost increases, farmers don't mind being paid not to plant a crop they can't afford to plant anyway!

The nitrogen reduction is a small portion of the climate accords. The Netherlands will be destroyed...first of many.

The resources are here, just politically tanked; and innocent people will die!


Fertilizer costs are high because China put a ban on exports of potash because they need it internally. Russia has the largest deposit of potash and they are likely selling it to China at the moment. Saskatchewan has the next biggest deposit. The potash barons are pleased with the high demand because the price goes way up. Just like with oil, the potash cartels increase and decrease production as they choose. The last time potash was priced this high, people starved because they could not afford to buy fertilizer to grow their crops.

I don't understand this nitrogen reduction. All anyone would need to do is grow a crop of legumes to fix nitrogen in the soil. ??? Why are they reducing nitrogen?

Planting legumes is bad, according to fools out in Europe, based on the climate accords. They want the Netherlands to be one big housing project!

If you limit soil nitrogen, crops fail...and innocent people die...perfect climate accords results....