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"You can engineer a unique thing that would only kill one person in the world."

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Eugenics is all the rage again, but these days they like to call it "Transhumanism", kinda has a cooler sound to it doesn't it? While heading up to the mountains last weekend I was able to listen to a podcast my brother had recommended to me. It rocked me to my core because it brought into focus so many things I had watched or read about over the past few years, together into one nice 1hour show. Careful, the following video may make you sick and/or give you nightmares, I'm dead serious.



I've been seeing video clips over the years of the $cientists talking about genetic manipulation and how wonderful it will be because we can cure this or prevent that. It's always rainbows and ponies when they talk. I used to think so too, until that is things started getting a bit wacky, like when Alex Jones predictions started coming true.

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All these wonderful advances in technology like mobile phones that know everything about us, or advertisements that pop up on some random site for something you had been looking at on Facebook 10 minutes earlier, but closed Facebook. Or how about banks telling you you can't buy something you wanted online and then closing your account for safe measures. Ya, if you hadn't noticed they have the power now and they are going to use it to fuck you over until you bend the knee. What do you think is gonna happen when they can engineer a unique thing that will only kill you?


Ah, but they won't even have to threaten you, they'll just modify your brain with electrodes so you can't resist. I'm nuts you say? Did you watch the video or listen to the podcast? They've been doing it to animals for decades!

(source - weird science)

I truly believe that this why we are seeing so many people around the world, leaders, musicians, celebrities, etc. telling you to take the blue pill, get the gene therapy. It's game over man. You'll own nothing, you'll live in a pod, you'll eat the bugs and you'll love it. If you resist well....

(source - weird science)

Luckily for me, Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil: for thou art with me; thy rod and thy staff they comfort me.


Thanks for sharing.

Did you have a chance to listen to the podcast? Most of it is him just playing their own words which makes it all the more terrifying.

Yep! I did see it once before! Following Corbett Report!

Have a nice weekend!

These salesmen are disturbing.