War of the Worlds – War of the Covid-19 Deadly

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Covid-19 is back at it again. Lately in the last 1 month the Storm of Covid-19 back hit several countries as well as world war. Cases of Covid in Asia and a number of European countries increased Again. What happened? Whether it's the world war that never stops.

If the urls, Covid-19 in the foreseeable future will be history recorded that shake the entire world to fight against it. Even China 2 weeks ago has been found almost 200 cases of Covid-19 the city in just a week. Though we know that China is the first country that quick the fight against Covid-19.

A result of the new cases of this, many countries are locking some cities. This is to prevent the widespread Covid-19 as happened a year ago.
In addition, city officials have also begun to test the entire population and track close contacts of the patient-infected patients. Even the bus service and taxis has been suspended and the vehicle is not allowed to leave the city. To prevent the widespread Covid-19.

Quote from "Worldometers", Covid-19 this makes a total of latest case appeared first 17 October from tour groups and spread to the 11 provinces in China.

Earlier China is the world countries that still apply the policy of "zero case". Restrictions on the movement of very tight will be applied if Covid-19 is found.

Similarly, a Surge in Cases of Covid-19 also struck a number of countries in Europe, where cases rose by 18% in the last month.

In detail, the Case of Covid-19 have experienced a sharp spike in the Czech republic and Hungary. The average in the week cases of Covid-19 continues to swell to more than 100% compared week-a week earlier.

The leadership of the technical WHO for Covid-19 come noiseless, Maria Van Kerkhove mention that the WHO has found Delta Plus 42 countries of the world. Maria Van Kerkhove warned that variants of this Virus can mutate quickly in winter as it is now.

We all know that world war that the truth of it is that we face right now, which is Covid-19 is very dangerous and could have this taka da cease to continue to spread.

So stick to the protocol of Health in your country, respectively, so that the war against Covid-19 is soon no result. May we always be healthy in the fight against this deadly war.