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RE: Hive Post Deleted - I No Longer Support This Blockchain

in Informationwarlast year

I'm doing the same thing here - I ignore any signage. If a store-keep DOES say anything to me, I never go back. This area is similar to Portland (WA?) in terms of political demographic. The town trustees decided they have the authority to "direct" all persons in their town to wear a mask while in public, whether indoors or out. I am happy to report that a great many are ignoring this directive. I pretend it does not exist.

I was one of the unafraid when the measures were in full force - cops showing up to hand out violations - who spent money lavishly in local small businesses. I never used amazon once the entire time, or had anything delivered. Now I am among the people some of those very businesses want to keep out.

Screw any businesses that are supporting this con. Let them be the ones that close. Now I spend my money lavishly in businesses in which even the employees are not masked. And there are more than you might think of these.