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RE: Spreading "misinformation" and "conspiracy theories"... This is a phrase I am hearing/reading more often these days.

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Misinformation exists.

The definition:

"false or inaccurate information, especially that which is deliberately intended to deceive."

All you need is at least one human who knows the truth, then they lie and publish the bunk. It's a fairly simple concept. Not worth getting confused.

Why do you think banning misinformation...

Just the thought of banning misinformation is illogical. Unpreventable. Can't stop someone from publishing misinformation unless you could somehow know in advance they were about to publish misinformation. Should someone step in and stop it from spreading? Absolutely. Especially if it's dangerous. Can actors posing as doctors be seen on television selling cigarettes anymore? No. And that's good. Really good. Because a smoker like myself will tell everyone, don't smoke.

Also, the folks who don't subscribe to the Conspiracy Channel on the internet don't deny the existence of actual conspiracies. What's visibly apparent is an entire market of consumers, and quite a few individuals tapping into that market for profit with content they've created and published. Several are merely creating a distraction for people; no different than any form of entertainment. They're posing as insiders but it's visibly apparent they can't be, since they're busy churning out content daily, never leaving the studio unless they're going to the fridge to get something to drink. They add in all the flashy clickbait, sensationalized headlines; becomes a product and gets sold to an established market.

There's a huge difference between a whistleblower and a whistle blowing charlatan. Huge difference between a tabloid journalist and a journalist. It's getting to the point now where the charlatan and tabloid are taking the lion's share of the attention when it comes to certain topics.

People outside of what could be called the standard conspiracy content market also form their own thoughts and can detect a possible conspiracy taking shape if they feel like it.

For instance, some publishing content for that standard market I mentioned throw up a big red flag and scream about being demonitized or deplatformed. So if you were one who wanted to be in control of what kind of information can be spread and how, one of the easiest ways would be to send a clear message there's no money in it, and no venue. That'll deter several from even getting started. Especially if they can't detect they're being pulled along by a charlatan. The ones screaming there's no money and no platform never stopped making money and were heard loud and clear there was no platform, by using their platforms. So what's really going on here? You decide.

Bet you never thought of that one...