Cyborg Cockroach on the Rescue Mission in Earthquake

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Science has created more meaning to life in different perspective, showing the more essence to live and no reason to live without. In battle to solve mysteries about life,interprete dreams,solve puzzles, and create a chance for further development, all these things has been brought to limelight by science geared through innovations and technology. Science has taken the world to a different level as it conotes and helps both in discovery and more.


If an earthquake strikes in the not too distant future and survivors are trapped under tonnes of rubble, the first responders to locate them could be swarms of cyborg cockroaches.That's a potential application of a recent breakthrough by Japanese researchers who demonstrated the ability to mount "backpacks" of solar cells and electronics on the bugs and control their motion by remote control.source


With the search to solve some problems scientifically and technologically,new innovations are been produced to help life. With the recent changes in climate and the aftermath of the band turning in the effects of climate which include earthquake,over flooding and many more, alot of researches are been carried and this which came of recent is produced to deal with earthquake. The discovery of humans already under the earth as a result of the signal the technological cockroach carries being a mind blowing science output.


The next challenge is miniaturising the components so that the insects can move more easily and to allow for mounting of sensors and even cameras. Kakei said he constructed the cyborg backpack with 5,000 yen ($35) worth of parts purchased at Tokyo's famed Akihabara electronics district.source

In view of descriptive purposes of this,there is a long standing and developmental effect associated to this in that it serves the very main purpose it was discovered for,easy and less costly to purchase,can be employed by rescue forces to save lives. In that natural disasters are bound to happen adding to the fact that it is unpredictable as one doesn't when its gonna set in, a preparation is to be set as to a wise saying that to before war is to before arms, if this being employed and thereafter being test run the more to know as to what it's capacity is, afterwards marketed and distributed,then is the battle for many life misfortunes is been solved and won to an extent.


Using animals,insects and plants as a biological weapon is one of the greatest gift of science and discovery this is so because at some point the common and available can't serve the whole purposes of problem solution then as some point, intelligence is to be added which is what transpired in this very discovery. Much accolades to the team in charge that did this and also better platforms are to be built to encourage this act.